My First Birth Story

Sometimes I look at Milo and can't believe that she was in my belly. She's getting so big and changing so fast that I thought I would take the time to tell our birth story. I was induced because I was overdue. I had been having mild contractions for a while, but they weren't getting Milo anywhere. 

Me at 41 weeks

My wonderful husband JR documented all the times for me during the labor....because he is good like that....and because he knows I have a horrible memory. The Hubbs and I also took the Bradley Method classes for natural childbirth. It's all about Husband coached child-birth. He was making sure to do his job :)


Tuesday January 18th. I woke up at 5am (not that I actually slept that much) and took a nice long shower, had a protein shake and went for a walk. We got to the hospital at 710am and got checked in. They hooked me up to the monitor and it showed contractions every 8-9 minutes.  Around 840am, my OB came in and put in the cervadil. He chose that to get the cervix going since I was already having contractions. It started working almost immediately. The contractions started getting closer together and more painful. I had been up and down to the bathroom and walking around the room. 

By 1230pm the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I had to stop whatever I was doing during the contraction. I went for a walk in the garden and during a contraction, "POP!"--my water broke (1250pm). I went back to my room to inform the nurse and the cervadil came out. At 1440 I took a shower to help with the contractions. It really helped--so much that I stayed in for 45 minutes :) 
My family had flown in to Hawaii for the delivery but the contractions were really picking up. I wasn't up for any visitors. Groaning and moaning during each contraction. Trying to relax--not really succeeding.  

The "garden" where my water broke

Then I took another 55 minute shower at 1650. I don't remember the showers being that long. Time really does warp when you are in labor.  With my contractions 2-3 minutes apart the whole time, they were on top of each other. I got about a 30-45 second break in between. It was just enough for me to breath and try to get to a more comfortable position. JR tried to massage or help, but nothing seemed to help and I was concentrating too much on the contractions to come up with any ideas. I just kept try to relax and thinking about my cervix opening and Milo getting closer and closer to being born. 

At 1800 I really started to doubt myself.  They weren't doing any cervical checks in an effort to prevent infection since my water had already broken. So I had no idea how much progress I had made. I really hoped I was hitting the transition phase of labor since I was so emotional. I was crying because I didn't think I could do it and because the contractions were so intense and there was no break. The crying made it harder to relax my body. The nurses were getting nervous with my contractions being so frequent because they were afraid it would affect Milo. But she was a trooper--wiggling the whole time.   Everyone said they had never seen a baby so wiggly during labor. 

At 2000 I got a new nurse, Alicia,  and I asked what my options were for pain management. I wanted to try anything else I could before I had any medication. She went through all the options, which included a bath. I had been dying to have a bath but the other nurses were hesitant since my water was already broken. So I gave that a try. The water wasn't hot enough or high enough. It wasn't working.  I started vomiting from the pain. I hadn't thrown up the entire pregnancy.  They recommended I stop eating and drinking except for ice chips. They gave me IV fluids. 

At 2030 I asked about the epidural. JR was great. Earlier when I had said I don't know if I could do it, he was very encouraging and cheered me on. But as soon as I was definitive, He didn't even question me. At this point. I was hyperventilating, crying, and too consumed in what was happening to take control of the situation. JR was amazing. 

By 2130, they administered the epidural and it had just kicked in. The epidural part didn't seem bad to me. But then again, I was willing to do anything to get some relief. But because my contractions were so frequent, I had contractions throughout the time they were doing the epidural. I made it 13 hours in before having to get the epidural. They did a cervical check when they placed the catheter. I was completely effaced and at 0 station, but only 2cm dilated. It was very discouraging, but I was immediately glad to have gotten the epidural. It was great. I could feel and move my legs (they felt a little asleep), but the contraction pain was pretty much completely gone. They didn't allow me, but I feel like I could have walked with assistance. 

Our View from our room

My husband says that after I got the epidural its like they flipped a switch. I was back to my bubbly chatty self. He counted and said I didn't speak to him for 40 minutes after because I was too busy chatting up the nurses that had to keep an eye on me. lol 

At Midnight, because it had been 12 hours since my water broke, the nurse discussed giving a low dose of pitocin to make the contractions more effective. I never felt pressured and I agreed. Over the night I dozed on and off and they ended up lowering the pitocin dose because it was working great. Around 4am, the rest of my water broke. Evidently it hadn't gotten all out the first time. JR was secretly glad that my labor had lasted this long....because it was now his birthday January 19th--so he knew he and Milo would share birthdays :)  

By 815 I started to feel pressure with each contraction. They hadn't done a cervical check again, but my nurse, Melody, recommended waiting till I felt constant pressure to push. My dad came by the visit. We were worried because his flight out was that afternoon. (He had been there a week. Its just that Milo decided to stay in my luxury womb a little longer).  I had also started I was in the frozen tundra have seizure inducing chills. It was the strangest thing. Melody said it was probably from the hormones. 

At 1200 I was feeling really warm, but not running a fever. They started IV antibiotics because it had been 24 hours since my water broke. 

Around 1300, I started feeling constant pressure. JR and I were hoping this meant things would be happening within a few hours. The nurse decided to check and see what was going in down there. She was shocked because she could see my daughter's head-She had a head full of hair.  I could feel it and it was so encouraging. We were so close.

By the time we got everything ready and settled, I started pushing at 1340. Milo was born at 1445 and was immediately placed on my chest. She didn't really cry. She was so alert and looking around. It was crazy how wide eyed she was. JR cut the cord. I'm so proud of him because he's usually squeamish. I was shaking uncontrollably--I thought I was going to drop her.  I was so exhausted from the 29 hour labor....YES! 29 HOURS! and then not having slept really in a few days.  

(As you can see, I kinda look like a zombie. My dad told me after the fact that he was nervous to leave that night because I looked so bad. Thanks dad :)

They said something about me bleeding a lot, but I wasn't paying attention to them. There were more important things Milo.  I thought she was beautiful and it just felt right. We stared at each other for a little while and at 1505 she  latched on and had her first feeding. It was all surreal. I didn't have this epiphany and start bawling and whatever.... but we just clicked instantly and I felt so connected to her. They let me hold her as long as I wanted and didn't rush me to measure her for weight or length--it was our special bonding time. I mentioned to the nurse that I was feeling super HOT and really foggy. I let them weigh, measure, and bathe her. In the meantime the nurse checked me out. I had a fever and had developed an infection. They continued the IV antibiotics and decided to keep us both an extra day to be sure we were good. 

She was 7lb 7.8oz and 20" long

...and she had a major cone head from the long labor. I think she looks like a Pharaoh

My Family was able to see Milo before they flew out and they picked up the ice cream birthday cake for Milo and JR that I had ordered a few days before :) 

Melody styled her hair so cute!

A nurse introduced me to side lying nursing. It's still my favorite feeding position.
I am forever indebted to her. 

As far as the labor goes.... well, it didn't go as planned. But it was great. After the epidural I felt like it was a piece of cake. I would go tomorrow and do it again. I don't feel bad for any decisions I made. But next time, I think I will try to wait to 42 weeks before I agree to being induced. I was 41weeks and 2 days this time. I've heard from several midwives that being induced makes the contractions more painful. And maybe my next labor won't be 29 hours....let's all cross our fingers.

See what I mean about her being so alert.

Birthday buddies!!!!

The next day we skyped  with a whole bunch of family back home. 

Read to go home! We didn't plan the whole UT thing. It just kinda happened. :)

This is my Push Present from JR. He designed it and everything. So proud of himself 

Well if you made it through this whole thing, I am very impressed. Its just a very important story.  Not one that I would want to skimp on the details.