Oily Birth Story

This third pregnancy was by far my easiest. I found out I was pregnant when I fixed breakfast but couldn't eat my eggs--happened in all my pregnancies. I tested and called JR hyperventilating. Surprise!

32 weeks
I had alot of fatigue and nausea but everything else was pretty awesome. Around 36 weeks, one of my OB's told me she thought I'd go around 39 weeks... that I wouldn't go past my due date like I did the past 2 times (see those birth stories in the tabs at the top. I wanted to believe her but just didn't want to get my hopes up.... you better believe I was doing a bit of jogging and lots of walking to try and get baby out.

Although, I was tempted when they offered to induce me at 39 weeks. We had a couple friends offer to watch the girls, but honestly they weren't set in stone it was just a matter of who happened to be free when I went into labor. I was worried we wouldn't have anyone....but really wanted to go into labor on my own. Before I dive into this birth story--see my other post for specifics on how I used Essential Oils During Labor.

On Saturday, the day after I hit 39 weeks, we decided we needed to get the girls out since baby would be here and it'd be a while before we could do that sorta stuff. So we went to the zoo. It was pretty warm and we had the double stroller. I insisted pushing the stroller bc I "needed the workout" lol. I was randomly having mild contractions but not timing them.... towards the end of the time at the zoo, I sat down while JR went to get me a funnel cake. What the pregnant woman wants, the pregnant woman gets. I noticed these were a little more than Braxton hicks.... but both my other labors, contractions started at 2-3 minutes apart and these were sporadic so it couldn't be labor.

On the way home I noticed them more since I was sitting. Nothing major but it did prompt me to download the contraction timer app. And I mentioned it to JR, but told him it was probably nothing. We had lunch. I went ahead and had some supplements, ningxia, and nitro--just in case. JR hadn't had a good night's sleep the night before so I suggested he take a nap. He slept and I tried to work on some oils stuff on the computer but it was uncomfortable to sit during contractions and they seemed to be forming a pattern so I decided to clean the house because who knows who could be stopping by.

They continued to get closer and more uncomfortable. I say uncomfortable bc they weren't "painful" yet but they were definitely real contractions. So I found swaying side to side during contractions to be the most comfortable thing....I started applying all my labor oils... once they were 5 minutes apart, I had the bags packed and house cleaned. But still wasn't completely sure it was go time.... it was different than my other labors. You'd think I'd have it figured out by the third time. I went to change into the clothes I wanted to wear at the hospital.... bc I didn't want my water breaking in my maternity yoga pants, I basically wore them every day at the end of pregnancy.  JR woke up when I went to the bedroom. I said "I'm not 100% sure but I might be in labor"

In true JR fashion, his response was "ugh....really!? Are you actually in labor or is this one of those things you do [to get attn]!?" Just as an FYI in case you didn't already know, those are words you should never say to a woman in labor with your child....and we didn't have any false alarms with the other two so there's no history of me crying wolf.  I was fuming...said sorry to be such an inconvenience and promptly shut myself in the bathroom before I start crying from anger--please tell me I'm not the only one that cries when she gets really mad. I was trying to figure out how I could drive myself to the hospital, but I'm pretty sure he realized the error of his ways as he came back and interacted with me in the nicest attitude ever.....we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes.....and more often, I'm that one. lol.

After a while of me hemming and hawing about whether this was real labor or not, I realized I had to stop during contractions and lean over on the counter and sway.... I was having what I thought was back labor. So we decided to go to the hospital. My last labor was really quick so we didn't want to be stuck with the girls and having a baby in the car.  Our friends that had offered to watch the kids were out of town and last I heard the other family had strep. So we loaded up and went at 4:18. JR making jokes in the car to try and keep the mood light--and explaining to the girls they had to be on best behavior.

Arrived in the hospital at 4:44--checked in. They said they'd check me upstairs but they ended up straight up admitting me... we were kinda confused by the whole process and whether or not it was go time.... then they checked me and said I was 5cm.... and JR still had to ask me if we were having the baby. It was sorta surreal bc the whole process was so laid back. I got an epidural at 6pm.... I actually wanted to wait longer but last time I waited too long and it didn't take....and I didn't want that to happen again....plus since the girls were there, I figured it best to intervene prophylactically.  At 6:10, they broke my water.

Shortly after, I noticed I was bearing down with contractions. The nurse checked me and said I was at 10 and baby had lots of hair but not to push so they could get set up.... keep in mind the girls were there for all of it. Milo came and told me real relaxed "when that doctor came in to do the thing on your back, I thought they were gonna kill you." All nonchalant about it. They were playing tablets and coloring and JR was watching the football game. I had all my oils and my diffuser set up. It was just so chill in there.

At 830, they were ready for me to push.... and discovered baby was "sunny side-up".... which means instead of facing down they are facing up.... which makes labor slower. So 17 minutes later at 847, Harvey was born. The girls saw the side profile of the whole thing.... they were fascinated. Lennon said "he just slid right out your butt."  And they were asking all these questions about why is he purple, what's all that stuff on him, what's that cord, he sounds like a goat! It was a wonderful experience.

JR told me that although I wanted the oils for myself, he feels like they kept him sane having to juggle the girls and me and all that.... plus it kept the girls super chill.

After all the excitement died down, JR and the girls went home. Harvey and I stayed there and partied all night. I literally got like 2 hours of broken sleep that night.....and here are some more photos bc they're too great not to share.