Baby 2's Fast Birth Story

So, It's been a whirlwind lately. We just added the newest addition to the Booker family. Lennon Rose. And while it's all fresh in my mind, I thought I would write out the birth story. If you never read Milo's birth story, you can check it out here

I was 40 weeks and 6 days and was set to be induced that day at 9am.... I had tried everything. I was walking 5 or 6 miles a day in an effort to move things along. Well, I guess Lennon finally decided she was ready and took things into her own hands. At 5am I woke up to a contraction.... I'd been having some very mild contractions at night for a few I just rolled over. A few minutes later, I had another and it got my attention. I felt wet so I got up to go to the bathroom and I was bleeding. I called the doctor and the doctor said to meet him at the hospital at 6am and expect to stay. I quickly showered...all the while the contractions were coming quickly and getting more and more uncomfortable.... We were supposed to take my last "bump" picture before we went. This phone pic was the best we could manage.

We headed out for the hospital, bags in tow. I started timing the contractions. They were 2.5 minutes apart, which seems crazy but that's how they were the entire labor with Milo so I just figured it was par for the course. I did have to get JR to pull over to put on the TENS machine. It did help make the contractions easier. They were starting to get quite uncomfortable. JR may have made a joke about having to deliver the baby in the car, but he was still in a big enough hurry to get a speeding ticket....from one of those cameras. 

We got to the hospital, got checked in. As we are walking to the room we pass a room where a woman is screaming. SCREAMING!!!! I told JR that I was NOT going to do that..... in reference to going through that amount of pain. My goal was to put off the epidural as long as possible to avoid a prolonged labor like last time. See that birth story here. Part of me hoped I could bipass the epidural all together.

We got into the room and Dr. Anim came in at 6:20 and put me on the monitors. I was getting too uncomfortable laying there, I kept repositioning and moving around trying to find something more comfortable but the contractions were getting quite painful and I could barely change positions before the next one started since they were so close together. Honestly, at this point I was scared. They were getting so intense so quickly, but I knew I was going to have a long labor.... and I couldn't make it through this much longer. I started throwing up from the pain. I was trying all the tricks I knew about.... keeping my mouth relaxed, trying to make low deep noises instead of high pitched ones, breathing..... it helped, but it was still rough.

The Doctor came back in at 7:00 and examined me and said I was 3cm, very thin, and "cracking on quickly." He thought I was going to have this baby soon... I still didn't believe him. Three is a long way from ten. He said I could go ahead and get the epidural. I started using the Gas and Air around 7:20 while I was waiting for them to put in the epidural..... I loved the gas and air. It's the same thing they use at the dentist. It doesn't really take the pain away, but it calms you down and makes you not care quite as much. My water broke during this time. 

At 7:40 the epidural was in. The epidurals here are different than the states.  With my epidural with Milo, it took away ALL pain and discomfort. I wouldn't have even known I was in labor. So the epidural here is a port that they give you doses periodically as opposed to being a constant drip. They also give a very low dose. It takes away the abdominal pain, but you still feel everything down below and can feel the contractions. You can also move around freely. Your limbs don't feel asleep or heavy. I still used the gas and air during contractions to help with the intensity of the pressure below. The contractions still commanded all of my attention even with the epidural. JR and our Midwife Amber were so helpful during this point. They were both super supportive, encouraging, and comforting. I don't think I could have done it without them. 

At 8:10 the doc came back in and checked me again. I was 9cm. NINE. In one hour and ten minutes I went from 3cm to 9cm. I finally started believing the doc that this was going to be quick. Dr. Anim was great. He was pretty much there the entire labor and he just let me do my own thing. He was very patient with me.....being sure to stop talking and/or wait till contractions were over to do what he needed to do. Shortly after, I felt the urge to push, but was encouraged to wait as long as I could to allow everything a little more time to stretch.... At 9:20 I could no longer resist the urge to push. 

This part was probably the hardest--not because pushing was difficult, but because it was painful. There's a reason they call it the Ring of Fire. I was holding back for fear of the pain.....and Amber totally called me on it. She and JR coached me and encouraged me to push through the pain..... and then at 9:41, Lennon was born. 

They immediately placed her on my belly. I just remember saying "I did it!" Getting a little teary eyed.  I felt more emotional this time.... proud to have made it through, in awe of Lennon, overwhelmed at the speed of things, relieved to be done with the hard part, in love with my supportive husband, and protective of this new little person. 

She was quiet and alert. Amber had to take her for a second to get her to cry and pink up a bit more.... neither of my babies were big cryers right when they were born. Lennon spent the first 2 hours with mommy nursing and cuddling. 

She was a little porker. Weighing in at 3.75kg (8lb 4.3oz). 

They have yet to measure her. It's usually done at the check-up around a week to get a more accurate reading. 

It was such a whirlwind. From the very first contraction that morning until she was born was 4 hours and 41 minutes. Amber said that we need to let future doctors and midwives know that the actual period of labor was only 2 hours and 41 minutes.... which is from the time I was 3cm. Which is just wildly different from Milo's Birth. I'm still in shock. 

JR has another little mini-me. If I didn't actually see these kids come out, I might not believe they were mine. The only influence my genes seem to have is all the hair. We moved up to our room around 1:30.  Milo, Kasey, Suzanne, and Sue all headed up for a visit. We let Milo come in first and meet her baby sister. 

The first thing she said to me was "baby la la out of tummy!" She calls her La La. She gave her kisses and rubbed her belly. 

It was love at first sight.... Milo has been obsessed ever since... wanting Lennon sitting next to her all the time. She's always very concerned with whatever is going on with Lennon. 

I was feeling much better after this labor. I did have to have some stitches due to the size of Lennon and the speed of delivery, but other than that, I felt great....I was nervous that I would be sickly looking and scare Milo. lol. Not that she would have noticed, she was too concerned with what was going on with her baby sister. 

This is Amber.... and the shirt I made for JR for this go round. Again, Amber and JR were great. It would have been a much different experience without them. They were both great at making me feel important, strong, and loved. I wish there was a way Amber could be there for the rest of my deliveries as well....actually I wish I could just fly back to have them privately here. Which is such a relief considering how worried I was about delivering here when I first started this pregnancy. 

Amber discharged us at 8pm. So we only spent 14 hours in the hospital.... thats less than half my labor time with Milo. We got home at 8:30pm just in time for the Tennessee game :) 

The past few days have been an adjustment. I think second babies are easier in a sense because you are more confident and know what to expect. But then adding another child is difficult to make sure you are giving enough attention to it's just an adjustment for the whole family figuring out how to put the toddler to sleep when she wants to hang out with the baby.... and how to put the baby to sleep or change her diaper without waking the toddler.  But we are doing it together and we will get the hang of it soon. 

It's been so helpful to have Kasey here to play with Milo, clean, and just help out however we need. It gives me more time to take care of myself and Lennon and still have Milo time. Lennon sleeps much more than Milo did. She's a little snuggle bug... 

This was totally not the experience I was expecting in terms of labor....I was anticipating bouncing on the birthing ball and JR holding me through contractions..... instead I had a super quick labor where I just clung onto JR to keep me grounded in reality during those huge rushes. I know he feels that he was helpless during that time, but he was amazing and helped me so much. Just him being there holding onto me and speaking encouraging words made me feel loved and confident instead of feeling embarrassed and weak. I think it gave me a new respect for JR in stepping up to a challenge when I needed him the most..... I should note that the morning after the delivery he slept in then came downstairs complaining about how he was so tired and his body was so sore..... Thankfully Kasey was at our house... otherwise, I might have killed him. 

and plus... we make such cute babies :) 

This ended up being different but it was MY time and experience. I felt completely in control of what was happening....I felt that the people in the room supported me and were on the same page with what I wanted..... and I wouldn't change a thing. It was a wonderful experience.