Our Story

My Husband, JR, is a University of Tennessee Grad (GO VOLS!) and now works doing stuff with maps..... Don't ask me what. Its all over my head. He's the best husband ever. Cleans, does laundry, organizes, acts as my personal PDA..... Whoa Ladies--He's married.....to ME, and I'm so glad he's mine all mine. 

Heres the quick and dirty of us....relax, not that kind of dirty. Although, there is a bit of procreation involved.  

JR and I are both from Tennessee.
We knew each other for a while, but didn't start dating until my sophomore year of college.
His dad told me that JR had expressed interest long before.... It was all about the right timing.

We moved to St. Louis. Let me rephrase that. He moved to St. Louis and I followed after about 6 months. I was a smitten love drunk college girl.

Once I made the Big Move it was only a matter of time before we tied the knot.

After spending a million hours a week studying and doing clinicals, I Graduated Nursing School

We up and moved to Hawaii right after I graduated Nursing school.  It wasn't as crazy as its sounds. We relocated for my husband's Job. We lived there for 3 years.

Then, In keeping with God's command to be fruitful and multiply, we got pregnant. 

Then, On her Daddy's birthday, Milo was born

And again, we up and moved to London...for 3 years...again for JRs job. We travelled, soaked up the culture and absolutely loved it. 

We got pregnant again bc Milo was just so awesome and needed a sibling.... 
and So Lennon was born. 

 About a year later our time in London was over. We moved back to the St. Louis area and have been setting up shop here.... somehow this was our hardest place to settle. But it's nice being just a drive away from family. 

After moving back I did have a rough time with repatriating... someone suggested essential oils to help with my emotions. I dove in and never looked back. 

And with God's timing and plan---we had our third baby.... a boy.... Harvey. 

And that brings you all up to speed on our family of 5. 

My life just flashed before your eyes.