Young Living Essential Oils Cyber Monday Deal!

3:52 PM

Three years ago on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, I took the plunge and got my starter kit of essential oils. I was looking for something to help me handle the crazy life of motherhood and stress that we all deal with.... but what I got was a whole lot more.

I got the tools to help keep my family well all year long—I can’t tell you the last time we went to the doctor for anything but a well visit.

My family got an amazing smelling house without any artificial fragrance... and cleaners that I don’t have to lock up on the cabinet because they’re totally safe around my kids.

My kiddos have a way to calm down and get in bedtime mode or school mode or whatever the occasion calls for.

One of the most surprising things I got was a whole group of friends who have helped me figure this whole thing out!

Since I started on Black Friday, I always get uber excited to run a special deal and help people get started!!! The kit otself is an already amazing bundle price. It’s got 11 oils, a diffuser and lots of other goodies.... the bundle price is over 50% off!!! It's $160, but retails for over $300! I did a lot of research and not only did Young Living meet the quality standards that I wanted for my family (See Why I Chose Young Living), but their starter kit is such an awesome deal. AND it has a great variety of oils to get you started!

But from now through Tuesday—I’ve got something extra special! When you get your premium starter kit, I’m gifting you:

• A rollerball with a cute label and filled with a special blend
• A pouch to hold your oils and roller.
• $25 back on your kit!!!
• Extra resources and materials to help you figure out how to use these oils!
• And when you sign up for essential rewards at the same time, i’m Gifting an additional $25 back!

I know, I know!!! Plus you’ll get access to our awesome Facebook group where we share recipes, chat Oils, do fun giveaways and just have fun together!!!

The oils in the kit are:

* Thieves - the healthy-keeper. It helps keep the air clean, boosts immunity, and helps our digestive systems work their best

* Purification - gets rid of bad odors and maintains a healthy airborne situation. feels amazing rubbed on the outside of your throat. I love it the bottoms of our trash cans and in stinky little kid shoes!

* Copaiba (CO-PIE-EE-BUH) - supports the body's response to injury/irritation, regulates natural immune responses, is soothing, promotes youthful appearance from the inside out

* Frankincense - incredible for the skin and immune system, eases occasional and minor tension/anxiety, promotes feelings of calmness and balance… and was given to baby Jesus as a gift!

* RC - contains 3 different kids of eucalyptus which have naturally occurring eucalyptol (really good stuff), inspires and uplifts before working out, creates a comforting environment

* DiGize (DIE-JIZE) - supports a super healthy digestive system, keeps nausea away, great for occasional irregularity and keeping tummies happy. We use a heck of a lot of this stuff.

* Lemon - naturally highlights hair, maintains energy levels, helps oily skin, calluses, dimply skin, keeping your body toxin-free, is a delicious natural appetite suppressant in water… I could go on!

* Stress Away - exactly what it says. We roll it onto our wrists and the back of our necks anytime we want it. It’s heavenly in the diffuser, too!

* Peppermint - helps us enjoy springtime outdoors, keeps our heads comfortable & happy, supports the digestive system, promotes proper nasal and respiratory function (so many everyday uses)

* Panaway - so many types of relief. Helps with occasional head discomfort, everyday joint and muscle soreness, and that time o' month cramp suckiness

* Lavender - "the swiss army knife of essential oils." We use it for enjoying the springtime outdoors. It is great for relaxation, in sleepy cream, creating a calm environment for kids, and moisturizing skin

We use these babies to make all sorts of creams, roller balls to carry with us (and tuck in kids’ backpacks), sprays, and delicious diffuser recipes (adios, toxic fall candles… we’ve found something so much better). They’ve paid for themselves a trillion times over.

If you're ready to get started during black Friday and cyber Monday--I've gonna get you all hooked up! Hop on over to the How to Get Started with Essential Oils tab to grab your kit and claim your goodies! But get your booty in gear--this deal is only good through Tuesday! If you have questions, find me on facebook as Heather Boak Booker or shoot me a DM on IG @ayoungwifestale

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