DIY Toning Shampoo

5:28 PM

Hello to all my colored hair friends out there!!! I'm pretty natural and crunchy but I love having a little color in my hair. I've slowly been switching over to more and more natural products like shampoo and conditioner. But as someone who normally uses toning shampoo, I was sorta freaking out.

As WE know, when you have a cool ashy blonde, or platinum and you don't use a purple shampoo--it gets BRASSY real quick and that just ain't cute. Ever wonder why your blonde hair just doesn't look the way you want it to... It's probably because you need toning shampoo.... I had no idea about toning shampoo and wish someone would had told me sooner.  But now you know--You're welcome.

Yellow Brassy hair looks BAAAAAD on my skin tone. And lately I've been experimenting with lavender and purple hair or tones in my ombre.... and those fade quickly without toning shampoo.

I wanted so badly to switch over to Young Living's Vanilla Copaiba shampoo because sensitive skin runs in my family and harsh chemicals in normal shampoo can really irritate your scalp and just all around aren't good for you.  But I did not want to go back to that awful yellow blonde I sported several years ago. Then I had this Lightbulb moment!!! Remember that one time that Harvey had thrush and I used Gentian Violet to get rid of it and accidentally got purple in my hair?!

Depending on your goal--You can use this method for a lot of different things:

#1. Maintain a cool tone to your hair.

#2 Actively tone your hair back to cool.

#3 Actually tint your hair purple. (don't worry, it fades with washing)

First, a disclaimer--Gentian Violet is a DYE! If you don't follow my instructions and are not careful, you will stain clothes, rags, skin, hair. I'm one of those ppl who never actually read the entire instructions--don't be me.

Normally I use this shampoo to maintain a cool tone. Last time I had my hair colored it was this really neat cool blonde ombre that sorta had hints of rose gold and lavender. I LOVED it.... but it faded a bit when I went out of town for a couple weeks and didn't use my toning shampoo

Now this recipe is made using Young Living Vanilla Copaiba Shampoo and conditioner. It's free from junk and makes my hair feel like silk. I also add essential oils because thats how I roll and it's great for  healthy scalp and normal hair growth. If you want to get your own shampoo & oils, check out my page: How to get started with essential oils. I'll totally get you hooked up.

So onto the Instructions... How exactly do you make this magical toning shampoo: 


Young Living's Vanilla Copaiba Shampoo
Young Livings Vanilla Copaiba Conditioner
Wintergreen Essential Oil
Distilled Water

1. Pour Shampoo into mixing bowl. You have to mix separately or you will end up with pockets of Gentian violet that will turn your hair purple--ask me how I know. 

2. Add ¼ cup of distilled water. This just helps to thin the shampoo out a bit and make it pourable easily back into the container. Mix

3. Add in Gentian Violet. I used 25 drops for this 10oz bottle of shampoo. See below for details about how much to add for yours.  Mix. 

4. Add in 30 Drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil. I learned this trick from a friend. Wintergreen supports a healthy scalp and normal hair growth. Other great choices would be Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood or Peppermint if you want that tingly feel. 

5. Mix it all together and pour back into shampoo container. Repeat with conditioner. I usually add ½ cup water to conditioner. 

****How much Gentian Violet should you add?--Well think of your hair like a sheet of paper. If your hair is white--you'll need less "ink" (gentian violet) to cause a color change. If you hair is a darker shade--you'll need more. 25 drops seems like a good maintenance color for me.... Does not turn my hair purple but still keeps it cool toned and from fading. 


To Maintain Cool Color: Use like you would normal shampoo and conditioner--allowing to sit on hair for a few minutes in the shower. 

To Actively Tone Hair: If you need to change from a warm to a cool blonde, You can use the shampoo or conditioner as a mask. You'll most likely want to add to already damp hair. 

To leave a Purple tint to your hair: So in the very top picture you can see I was able to return the lavender/rose gold tones back to my hair color that had faded. The way I did this was to Apply the shampoo to DRY hair and then wear it as a mask for 15 minutes. In my head--applying it to dry hair makes it more concentrated and allows your hair to soak up the color better. Then followed with the Toning Conditioner that I added an extra drop or 2 of Gentian Violet to (always mix in a container and not in your hand). I wore this as a mask for another 10 minutes. 

TRIAL AND ERROR: I've had some trial and error with this over the past 5 months or so. and I've unintentionally turned my hair lavender more than once.... If that happens--Don't freak out. The color fades after a few shampoos with regular shampoo. If you're super paranoid mix yourself up 1 ounce of shampoo and conditioner and experiment with the # of drops you think you need. Originally I started with 2 per ounce (20 in a 10 oz bottle) and found it to be sufficient but felt it needed a little bit more. 

Again, the purple tone of my current hair is intentional. This was done with the mask to DRY hair method with added Gentian Violet. I wanted to return the color I previously had that faded. I'm seriously obsessed. I have the Best Stylist ever and I'm happy to have a way to maintain and upkeep the hair color I want. 

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