Young Living Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal

12:58 AM


Two years ago on Black Friday... I finally got my premium starter kit from Young Living..... something I had been wanting to do for a while.... but somehow when my husband heard "sale".... I was magically able to talk him into finally letting me get one.

And I'm so thankful that we did. So every year I like to do something extra special for Black Friday... for those like me who need that extra little nudge to take the leap. 

This isn't a sales pitch. Oils are awesome. I'm so thankful to have them to support my family's health... We use them for hundreds of things but I'm pretty sure my husband would support them alone for the fact that they chill me out.... I know that's totally worth it for me. Stay at home mom, 3 kids, homeschooling, and just life in general.... My life is so hysterically chaotic sometimes that I feel like I should have my own sitcom.....and those are the times I'm thankful I have a way to stay sane.

And....I love helping people get started with oils. I will personally help you out and talk you through this whole new world. When you get your kit from me, I will automatically friend you on Facebook and get you plugged into our oily hangout with over 1800 people... we chat recipes, tips, how we use oils, sales, and all sorts of fun stuff.... then I will send you a reference guide and materials to help you get started on your oily journey. 

The kit is already an amazing deal... It's this awesome bundled price that is over 50% off of retail price...and through the end of December, Young Living is giving a bonus bottle of oil called Christmas spirit. so yeah. anything else is just icing on the cake. 

But from Black Friday through Cyber Monday... I've got some icing for you. I'll be giving anyone who gets their kit from me: $20 via PayPal as well as this beautiful metallic "well Oiled" pouch and a couple of rollers along with some recipes to get you started.... and thats on top of the great deal of the kit itself and all the resources....and the bonus oil... like for real.  

Young Living Essential Oils Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 

So treat yourself (or your spouse, daughter, or whoever you love) to a Premium starter kit and get these awesome extra goodies. To get your kit.... or for more info about the kit and all the goodies that come inside... Check out the Oils tab. It's got info and a virtual tour of your kit. 

Be sure to order before Midnight on Cyber Monday to get in on these extras.... This sale goes live as soon as posted :) 

Go get yours... Click here

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