Baby Boy Quilt

4:25 AM

So since last time we talked a lot has happened. I am expecting again... and its a boy. So if you're keeping a tally--that's 3 kids total and first boy. I'm due in about 5 weeks. But I have always gone late.... so he'll probably be here in about 6 weeks. So.... This pregnancy has flown by. Kid doesn't have a name....doesn't have a room (not that he'd sleep in one anyways)....doesn't even have his own closet or dresser... but Dang-it, he has a quilt.

If you know me... you know I tend to get an idea and then just immediately jump in with both feet....and become consumed with it until I get it out of my system..... which I consider to be a charming character trait. My husband tends to disagree bc that means I make a mess of everything for a few days and he loses his TV buddy. 

 I'm self taught in pretty much all things craft. Well, myself and youtube... bc who can do anything without youtube?! I got the nesting bug to make this quilt just before our trip to Memphis... which was perfect timing considering that my favorite fabric store, BumbleTees, is there. They have such cute and modern fabrics and some really cute ideas as well. And since I went to TN solo this time, I wouldn't have to worry about JR hassling me about buying *more* fabric. 

I found the idea for the pattern off Pinterest... and just sorta wung it... winged it... whatever. I'm not going to even pretend this is a tutorial bc the way I do things is probably not the proper way to do things... and bc that's what youtube and pinterest are for. I finished the front of the quilt in less than 24 hours when I was in Tennessee..... and once I got home, I gathered some coordinating fabric in my stash and took stock of the leftover scraps and came up with a back idea.... 

and then had steam coming out of my ears while I was trying to figure out how to miter corners for the binding.... like it's seriously mind boggling... those ladies on youtube make it look super easy... but it's not...... but I DID IT!!! and I'm all up myself about it because it looks awesome.... and because this kid will have something neither of my other children did... No, not that... but he will have a cute quilt made by mom... So he may not have much else right now... but my pregnancy hormones tell me that this quilt makes up for it. lol. 

And since I had the camera out and was taking pics... the girls wanted to get in on the action. Here's Lennon. It's probably been a while since you've seen her if you aren't my FB buddy. She's almost 3 now... I know! She's full of spunk and sass... and she is hilarious. Like I can't keep a straight face a lot of the time when she's being naughty.

She's super excited for baby boy to come. She keeps rubbing my belly and listening to it and covering it up bc "baby is cold"... We did a tour of the hospital the other day and she wanted to take home the baby that was in the nursery. Girl has a thing for babies. Which I imagine means she's going to be a great big sister... and I'm going to have to keep an eye on her with a newborn so she doesn't try and feed him snacks.

Lennon thinks we should name the baby transylvania... or "blah, blah, blah"... but she's been pretty much ok with any name we've thrown out there. Obviously she has a bizarre standard for boy names. Lennon has gotten so blonde and has a smile so big that she sorta looks like the joker... the cutest joker ever... but JR and I say all the time that we just can't handle the cuteness. This is the age we wish we could bottle up and keep forever. JR always says he wants to put her in his pocket... and somehow it just seems to fit that feeling of wanting to cherish every moment..... every moment except where she screams at the top of her lungs... we would just like to forget those. 

Milo on the other hand is a whole different story. She's 5 and a half. I mean, we're homeschooling but she's technically starting kindergarten this year.... Its crazy. She is stubborn... just like Lennon.... and just like me....  Which is great, but not always at 5 years old when your mom just says it's bedtime and you freak out. Don't let that grin fool you. She's a sweetheart but she's got a mischievous side. Although my pregnancy hormones have been getting the best of me... and although she is the source of some frustration, she always takes up for me and knows the right thing to say. Tonight when putting them to bed, I was being really strict and hard on them... and ended up leaving the room when they were still awake and made stern remarks as I was walking out.... and as I have attitude walking out briskly and closing the door coldly... Milo in her sweet little voice says "I love you mommy".... even when I was being such a punk... How can they be so infuriating and melt you at the same time... That's kids I guess. 

She also is about all things science.... she wants to learn about stars and planets and bugs and all that... so we've been trying to focus on that aspect of school....and she wants to do "experiments" all the time.... which basically consists of her mixing things like food coloring, ice, soap, etc... into some sort of witches brew. It's kindergarten. She's already learning to read.... I've learned from the wisdom of other homeschoolers that I need to cut us some slack and just enjoy her learning... bc if we both hate it, what's the point of homeschooling? 

So I imagine this boy... this third kid.... is going to have a very interesting childhood with these two girls as older sisters. I see lots of torture and arguments and snuggles and sweet moments in his future..... all while he's playing on this awesome quilt bc... hello, that's what I made it for. Lennon says she's going to watch movies with him and teach him puzzles... and Milo says she's going to teach him jokes and gymnastics. So I think they're all in for and adjustment once baby gets here.... and he will have a name soon so I can stop calling him baby... and we can hopefully teach it to the girls before his arrival. 

Which speaking of his arrival.... He will have a birthday somewhere close to Lennon. My due Date is one day after Lennon's due date... Who knows.. they could even share a birthday.... here's a belly pic from a couple weeks ago at around 33 weeks. Supposedly on ultrasound he measures a little big... but I'm not exactly sure how I'm carrying so small this time... but I'm not complaining. 


So, the end.... I hope you like my quilt. I love it... and I'm sure he will too...Looking forward to lots of sibling admiration, tummy time, rolling over, park time, and picnics happening on this thing. 

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