DIY Kids Cupcake Costume.

10:24 PM

So I love making the girl's halloween costumes... If it's not already obvious. 

We didn't really celebrate halloween growing up. But I think it's so fun for kids to dress up in costumes.... We got really into dressing up when we lived in Hawaii.... and once Milo came it just seemed like we should keep it going... and in true Heather Fashion, I had to make the costumes. Now JR and I don't really dress up. Spend too much time on the kiddos. I was literally finishing the costumes right before we walked out the door to trunk or treat. But before we get to the costumes. Let's review the History of Kid Costumes in the Booker Family. 

and Lennon at 1 month old had already outgrown her newborn sized owl hat. lol 

Then Milo at Age 3.5 decided she wanted to be Strawberry So Lennon at 1 was a lemon
This year Milo (4.5) Picked to be a cupcake... of course Lennon (2) was a cupcake too. 

I basically found the pottery barn cupcake costume online and made my own version of it... It's all felt. Felt is so forgiving. This cupcake costume was probably the most time consuming of all the costumes I made... probably because my models weren't always super willing to try it on for me to make adjustments. 

Today we went over to the Butterfly House at Faust Park and I discovered they had this awesome old village which really is a great photo spot. I'm always looking for good ones in the St. Louis Area. 
Milo picked out and helped place all the "sprinkles" on her cupcake. She also wanted a candle on top...of course it fell of any time she jerked her head quickly so it's more of a prop. 

Lennon had a Cherry on top. I assumed it would stay on better. Although I didn't account for the fact that she is younger and has no understanding of keeping her head still. They did amazing letting me take these pics though. Got it all done in about 15 minutes and went over to the playground to play. 

Of course before we went I snapped a good pic of the two of them because they were being so cooperative. What you don't see is that lennon is only wearing a tank top and diaper. She decided to pour her water all over her pants. 

We went over and played... it's such a great park. I wish it was closer, but we can go periodically.

and I had to snap a pic in the car bc the lighting was so good. Don't worry. I was still loading things into the car. Lennon was still in the process of buckling her top buckle.

So that's it... What we did for costumes this year. I would post the tutorial but I seriously just winged it. If you're trying to make it, just message me and I can tell you more in detail. 

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