What We've Been Up To...

6:29 PM

So our life hasn't been very busy lately but it has been full.... full of cuteness and smiles so I thought I would share some cute photos from the past couple months since Lennon has joined our family. 

Milo was an Owl for halloween. I made the costume before Lennon was born. She loved the costume and wore it several times before halloween.... but when it came time for the photos on halloween, she wasn't into it. 

So we took pics in her regular clothes. 

And I made Lennon a hat that she wore when she was born, but seriously it didn't fit by halloween. 

These girls are 2 peas in a pod... Milo is a wonderful big sister and is always taking care of Lennon. 

My grandparents (the girls' great grandparents) came in for a visit and to meet Lennon

Milo doesn't often warm to men, but she took to Paw pretty well. 

I didn't really write much because, well, they're cute and adorable and perfect and we're happy happy happy. I love our little family and the way Milo and Lennon interact melts my heart. Lennon is really laid back and smiles ALL THE TIME. Milo smiled all the time too... so much that we joked that we should have named her Smilo. Lennon is a bit more chill though.... even though Milo was fairly laid back.... Hope everyone is having an amazing New year!!!

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