Our Trip to Wales

5:04 PM

So our time here is dwindling down. We're only in the UK until next August/September timeframe. So we are really feeling the pressure to see all of the places on our list. 

Well right now Lennon doesn't have a passport or Visa, so we can't actually leave the UK. So we decided to give Wales a go. We decided this very last minute. and JR agreed to do all the planning.... I was just along for the ride.  Our first stop was Betws Y Coed staying in the Craig-y-Dderwen. It was wonderful.  Such a great hotel with delicious food and attentive staff. 

Plus we had a wonderful view from the restaurant. 

The leaves were changing and even though we did a ton of driving, it was always a scenic drive. 

We really lucked out with weather. The original forecast was rainy.... thank goodness they aren't always right. 

We could have just drove for hours..... granted I don't think the little ones would have approved. They were very good all in all. Milo played on the ipad. Lennon slept.... which was great, but that meant she didn't sleep that night. Her evening schedule is still a bit off. 

I Imagine that north wales is most beautiful in the Summer and Fall. The only downside of our timing was that several things we wanted to do had already closed for the season. We were just a bit too late. 

We stopped by Caernarfon Castle. It's mainly the castle shell. You can still look around in all the areas freely. It's quite a cute town as well. 

It was beautifully preserved considering it was built around 1300.... And it had a beautiful view from the top of the city, water, and the rest of the castle. 

After the castle, we walked to the other end of town to a soft play.... We couldn't find it. We looked all over. It seemed that It was supposed to be right next to this beautiful church.... when we realized it was inside this beautiful church... they had redone the entire inside. 

It had laser tag, huge slides, ball pits, a 3 or 4 level play area. It was so cool. We played in the huge area most of the time but went into the younger area for a bit and let Lennon check herself out in the funny mirrors. 

After that we went to a Slate place....and tried to go to a copper mine, which was sadly closed. So we headed back to Betws Y Coed. It was such a cute little town with all the Slate shops, hotels, and B&Bs. It has a little river heading through with a few little water fall areas and a picturesque bridge. 

Milo discovered an ice dream cone... she tried licking it... lol. Yes, I am the parent that laughs and takes a picture when my child licks something covered in germs. 

Speaking of Milo. She's growing up... she's actually a child now... not a toddler. I love it and hate it at the same time. She's becoming so independent... strong, adventurous, and "spirited" :) 

Note how she's carrying her own shopping bag in the pic above. 

I love all the sheep. JR keeps joking about how I took a million pictured of the sheep. Well, I did. but it's really hard to capture just how beautiful everything was. 

Then there was the slate... As JR and I were driving we saw this mountain in the distance that looked like it had Lava on it....as we got up close we realized it was slate rock. I'm not really sure how this happens, but shards of slate just cover the mountain.... So strange. 

Then we drove over to Portmeirion. We stayed in Castell Deudraeth. It was a really nice hotel. Spacios Rooms, yummy food.... 

Milo is quite the proper princess. I swear these photos are untouched... we have this setting on our camera that we usually take outdoor photos... it makes the blues and greens pop a bit more... but the grass was quite green and the sky was really blue so some of the photos look super saturated. 

We went down into the village. It was so pretty with all the great colorful buildings and landscape. 

I will say I was slightly dissapointed. It was beautiful yes, but we had anticipated spending most of the day there and we were done in about 2 hours. 

The views were beautiful as well. 

All through our trip, JR and I said that area all looks like it should be a car commercial or some really high end fashion shoot. 

Since our day was cut short there, we went over to Harlech castle. It was constructed around 1283. It was much more a shell than the other castle was. As we drove up, we saw a man standing on the top of one of the towers with no guard rail around. We decided not to take the girls in... Milo is a bit too adventurous for us to not have guardrails. So we admired from the outside. 

...and drove back down to the coast for a view back up to the city. 

It was really a great trip. laid back. leisurely. short. Just what we needed... we couldn't handle a much longer trip. We were worn out after only a few days.  

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