Blame it on the Hormones

10:14 PM

Lately I have been thinking a lot about when Milo was a baby. Being pregnant, I'm wondering how I will handle a newborn and still give Milo all the love and attention that I love to give to her..... So I've been thinking back on the times when Milo was a wee little babe and sleep was hard to come by and she loved being held all the time...... 

....and then I come out of my deep thought and look over to Milo laying on her belly in the floor coloring.... or playing with teddy..... or taking my dirty dishes to kitchen... and it hits me.... where is my baby?! 

Instead of me cradling her, she likes to hook arms... or asks me to snuggle :) 

She paints/colors her body.... it's toddler body art. I'm sure she's not the pioneer. 

She is phenomenal..... clever, quick, adventurous, and mostly fearless. 

When I wake up in the morning and roll over to see her next to me.... I can't not be happy..... I've questioned co-sleeping and extended breastfeeding, but every time she snuggles up next to me in the middle of the night or when I have to tickle her to wake her up.... I know that I made the right decision for us. She wont be little forever... and I won't always be her favorite person in the world. 

Teddy is already gaining on me..... She insists we take him with us sometimes. 

She's now fully weaned and happily enjoys snuggles instead of mommy milk...... when she stops running, twirling, jumping, hopping, or skipping long enough to catch her breath and give me a quick kiss and fill my love cup for the day.... 

Maybe I'm just hormonal.... but it just feels like this time is slipping away.... and (like most moms before me) I feel a bit sad wondering what my role is going to be in her life as she gets older.... so I'm going to try to soak up all those snuggles.... knowing one day they wont be as plentiful..... and hope that they are replaced with new experiences that are just as wonderful. 

On a lighter note..... We find out the gender of this little baby tomorrow.... TOMORROW! Even though I didn't really want to find out originally, I'm very excited to know. Milo says it's a does JR. I'm not really sure what I think, but I had major teenage acne when I was pregnant with Milo.... Those old wives say girls steal your beauty.... This time acne in sight.... but I have lost all talent and motivation for cooking..... So there's still hope for a boy after all. 

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