In Bath and an Announcement

8:18 PM

Well Hello there. Let's get this started.... In case you haven't heard. Milo is going to be a big sister! 

Yay! She really has no idea what's going on, but she was excited to take a picture. I tried telling her there's a baby in my belly and she just looks at me like I've lost my mind. Anyways.... we went to the Roman Baths in England. It's only a couple hours away so we took a day trip. We didn't see too much. Just hit the highlights. 

Above is Bath Abbey. I'm sorry I can't get past how they call everything Bath ______. I just keep thinking about a bath. 

Anyways. It was beautiful. They call it the Lantern of the West because of all the windows and how bright it is. Many cathedrals are dim and dark which adds to the mystique. This one was bright and airy.

Then we went over to the actual Baths. It was really interesting. Milo met a buddy on the tour and I almost couldn't pry her away. 

It was so cold the day we visited I was wishing that we booked the actual spa section. Then we stopped by Pulteney Bridge. 

It's a neat little bridge with shops on both sides as you walk across it. We had crepes at a restaurant there. 

I wish I could tell you more about what we did and the historical facts, but We just had a great time soaking in the pretty scenery, strolling around, trying to keep warm. These pictures look warm, but it was freezing. It's been strangely cold here since we returned from the States. 

Milo the Traffic Director. 

We figure we will go back again sometime, but had fun on our mini day trip. My posts seem to be few and far between and then when I do write them I keep it short and simple with loads of pictures. Mainly because I've been living life and enjoying my family. Milo is a little gem. She is just exploding personality and learning new things everyday. Today she brought her bear (a valentines day gift from my parents) to the dinner table and proceeded to feed it. Well she tried. When I try to put her to sleep and she is fighting it, Milo thinks it's funny to lick my face....she identifies loads of colors and learns new words all the time. After her dinner tonight, without me saying anything, Milo took her plate to the trash can and raked it off with her fork then brought it over to the dishwasher where I was cleaning up and put it in. I didn't even know she could do that.... She amazes me. 

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