Harry Potter Warner Brother's Studio Tour Review

2:46 PM

We recently went to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London (technically in Leavesden). And Ok, Maybe I am a dork, but I was super excited.....and it exceeded my expectations.  Ticket Prices are around £29 for an adult which is a little steep; however, if you are a Harry Potter fan this is a must-see.  The tour opened to the public in March 2012, but filming of the movies took place for over 10 years starting in 2000.....anyways, onto the tour. 

I was so excited. They had some Giant Chess pieces outside and as soon as you walk into the lobby they are playing the theme music from the movies. I apologize for the blurry pictures inside the tour--the lighting is not conducive to photographing without a tripod.... and no flash allowed. 

The Tour began in the Great Hall where they had all of the tables set up for a Christmas feast. Old Costumes were also set up around the room of the different houses (slytheryn, griffendor, etc....)

The tour was self-guided and had tons of actual props and room set-ups which where like totally awesome ;)  There were videos and placards with fun facts and information on the different pieces. There were 2 different buildings to go through and an outdoor area. Since it's self guided, you could be done as fast or slow as you wanted. The guide told us the record times were 20 minutes for the fastest and 8 hours for the slowest. JR and I ended up spending around 2 hours there, but we were also with a group that was a bit faster than us....so we went more quickly so we wouldn't make them wait.

The Mirror of Erised

Then we went to the outdoor area which has snacks, butterbeer, and a variety of large props (such as the Knight Bus, Harry Potter's house where he grew up and also where he was born) 

Of course, we had to get butterbeer. JR didn't care for it too much but Milo and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Butterbeer doesn't actually have alcohol for those of you that think I would give my daughter actual beer. 

Then we were off to the second building. There they had lots of special effects stuff like the animatronics....they also had the actual Diagon Alley Set.

That's the Weasley Twins toy Shop in the background there

There are a great deal of model sets that were done in the planning process. The set below is The actual Building of Hogwarts that was used for filming all the far away shots. 

Then there is an amazing gift shop which has tons of really cool stuff that you can spend your money on. JR and I didn't really need a wand so we settled for a coffee mug. 

It was a great tour, We will definitely be going again. I think there are so many little details and things that you can see. So even if you go a few times, you would see something new each time. My only complaint... I know. Geeeeez..... is that the floor was hard.... like stained concrete so after the first 30 minutes, my feet were hurting. So wear comfy shoes. 

And this has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but We recently went to Paris and got this absolutely adorable picture. Classic Milo. 

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