Waldorf Doll DIY

3:21 PM

Recently I came across a waldorf doll online that was ADORABLE.  I had seen them before but Milo really just got into dolls. So I decided I would get it for her birthday. I went to the website to buy it and it was over $100...for a doll....for my 2 year old..... which seemed crazy at the time. So, I decided I would try making one..... then I realized why they are so expensive.... but here it is, my first attempt at doll making.....

The only supplies I had to purchase were the yarn for the hair and a doll needle. All the other things I had. The clothes are made from fabric scraps or old articles of clothing. The skin fabric was a white heavy knit material that I tea stained to be skin toned. 

And of course she needed multiple outfits. I didn't really use any pattern I just did a circle skirt and made up a top to go on it. The top one buttons in the back. The second one is a halter tie; the third, button up; and the last has elastic straps. 

Milo loves the doll. She could barely leave it alone long enough for me to take the pictures. 

I didn't use one specific pattern or tutorial, but I looked through these tutorials and made it up as I went: 
Living Crafts  (best pictures)

waldorf doll

And for the hair I made up my own method after looking at the following tutorials: 

and I sort of based the hairstyle off of this picture

My doll may not be perfect, but I thoroughly enjoyed making it.... and knowing this is a family heirloom in the making. I definitely plan to make more and improve with time. I am always trying to make new things and take on big projects... don't be afraid to step out on a limb. Most things aren't as hard as they seem. Mine isn't nearly as nice as other ones I've seen out there, but Milo loves it and that makes me happy. 

Now I just have to make her some bloomers or a diaper... :) always some new project

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