Iceland Take One

12:12 AM

So, We have a ton of pictures from our trip to Iceland last weekend.... 708 to be exact. I've narrowed it down to 34 must share pictures. Here comes the first half....

Iceland was beautiful....and so diverse. Parts of the island were covered in snow while other areas were green or covered in lava get the picture. It was wonderful. JR and I just couldn't stop talking about how the structure of the land reminded us of Hawaii. 

It's similar to the big island in that it has an active volcano and has the lava rocks to show for it. That's what's under the snow above. 

Then the mountains remind us of Oahu. That's probably the thing I miss most about hawaii is the beautiful mountains...they were very steep and always filled with little waterfalls when it rained.

Speaking of waterfalls, here is a massive one.... Gulfoss. I have to admit that I have never been so cold in my life... I was seriously wondering why God didn't equip us with some sort of fur.... I could not properly move my face until it had thawed out for 10 minutes. 

It wasn't just the really wasn't that bad... but the wind chill was insane. The wind was hurricane-like for most of the weekend. We met a group of girls that had their back window blown out by the wind... honest.. It was crazy. 

We did a ton of driving on this trip... over 800 miles... But luckily the scenery is gorgeous. 

Here is one of the geyser's... I have a picture of it shooting up, but it's really not that impressive. I prefer this one where it looks like a volcano/hot tub. 

We spent some time in Reykjavik checking out the sites... not sure why, but I loved this random. 

When we picked up the rental car, the employee told us to be careful because the wind would be strong... stay on the road, yada, yada...then he said not to open the doors when the wind is coming from the rear of the car because it would bend and warp the doors out of place.... what?! Luckily it was really only bad 3 of the 5 days we were

The only thing I was bummed about was that we didn't get to see the northern lights because it was so cloudy...and because the weather was bad, it sorta hindered the activities that we got to do. 

When we came out of the airport for the first time, Milo started bawling because the wind scared her....and she was so cold... Although, the days it wasn't windy, the temperature was very normal for winter. But it really did make me appreciate the weather we get here in the UK 

Aren't these lava rock fields crazy...not sure what I really expected Iceland to be like... I was sorta thinking about a beautiful snowy woodland... but it's definitely too windy for trees to survive... 

Much of Iceland is rural....driving miles of road like this, then fields of hay, or cattle. 

These mountains kill's like there was a polar shift and hawaii suddenly became covered with ice. 

Well, that's part one.... part two coming soon. 

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