Iceland 2: Glacier Lagoon, Skogafoss, and Seljalandsfoss

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So the last part of our trip we drove to Glacier Lagoon. It's a lagoon (obviously) that was created by melting glaciers. As they melt that leave these massive icebergs floating on the top of the water. The Lagoon is said to be over 800ft deep at it's deepest point. 

The day we went was very cloudy and sprinkling. We were just thrilled that is wasn't pouring with crazy wind....but even in the clouds the icebergs had such a beautiful color. 

Milo was sleeping in the car. So JR and I both got the chance to venture out and take some pictures. 

JR preferred the "zebra" icebergs... While I preferred the turquoise. I'm sure it is totally not safe, but just seeing them makes you want to hop out there and jump around on them... That's the adventurous side in me... then the mom side takes over and says " I bet those rocks are slippery...all it would take is for you to slip off.....then, if you happened to not get crushed between two massive icebergs, you would fall in the water...then the icebergs would converge together and trap you under the water. You could try to swim under them to reach an open area, but with all your clothes and the temperature of the water you wouldn't make it. JR couldn't come in to help you without risking leaving Milo alone...and I haven't seen civilization in miles...." That's the mom brain....I bet you a whole bunch of mom's wrote Final Destination....

Needless to say, I didn't jump on the icebergs....I'm still alive. 

The iceberg above was my favorite.... the one that looks like a wave frozen in place...I can just imagine a car sitting on top of it for a car commercial....they were seriously that big.

After the lagoon, we went across the street to the black sand beach. 

I could have stayed there hours taking pictures.... It was beautiful... but we were losing daylight so I had to make it snappy.... see what i did there :)

JR and Milo waited in the car... Well, Milo was sleeping and the parking area was too far away for us both to go...but I really wish JR could have come out to look at it. It didn't look that spectacular from far away, but wa beautiful up close.

The next day we packed up and headed off to our final stops then to the airport.

Our first stop was SkogaFoss....

I didn't venture behind it.... It was too cold....and of course JR and Milo stayed in the car. lol

Then we stopped by Seljalandsfoss...We all got out of the car this time :)

It was pretty cool because it had a walking path behind it. It's times like these that I really wish I had a fish eye lens.... I just can't decide if I would use it enough to justify the purchase. Anyone have one? Do you use it? 

From what I understand both of these waterfalls are coming down cliffs that used to be the coastland of iceland.... the coast receded seaward by 5 kilometers....Honestly I'm not sure it was caused by the actual water receding or if the island was built up. I'm still reading my book on Iceland. 

In the photo above you can see the only sun we saw pretty much our whole trip... but what you can't see is JR sitting in the police car that is parked behind out car.... Let's just say that we were having a hard time following the speed limit when it was in Kilometers per hour :) 

Then we were off to the Blue lagoon.... It was wonderful. I have to say if you go to Iceland, this has to be one of your MUST-SEE places. 

It's hot spring water in these pools made of lava rock... it's beautiful and relaxing. Here are some iphone pictures from our time there: 

note that here is a grotto behind us... ahhhhhh. 

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