DIY Little Indian Costume

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So I know that it's after halloween, but I just had to post these pictures of Milo in her halloween costume. Last year she went as an Octopus. This year She went as a little indian. I like to make Milo's Costumes... They are cheaper and you can customize it to be exactly what you want. 

Isn't it adorable... and here's how you can make yours too. 

I got the idea for the pixie tutu from this blog. It's so easy and Yarn is way cheaper than tulle (at least here in the UK). I would say that the only thing I did wrong was cut way too much yarn... now I have all these scraps left over. It is really easy to make and the possibilities are endless. I was going for Johnny Depp's hair in Pirates of the caribbean. I think I succeeded :) 

The headband was just made using elastic. Measure their head, cut the elastic, Hot glue it or sew it to create the headband. I then hot glued on the feathers and these plastic turquoise beads I found in the bargain bin at the craft store. Word to the wise, hot glue in dots not in strips. Anywhere you put the hot glue the elastic won't stretch so if the whole front of the headband is covered in hot glue, it may fit a little more snug than expected... so you could do it that way,  just be sure you plan that out when you cut the elastic. 

On to the shoes. You could buy shoes like these from Bobux, or you can make your own. Which is what I did. So I didn't take any pictures of the process because I just sorta winged it....not really expecting them to turn out well. I will explain the best I can. Take felt or leather and trace the soles on a pair of their shoes. Cut them out. Then cut a semi-circle. This will be the part that goes across the top of their foot. You want to leave enough space for their foot to fit in and to leave an extra 1/4" all the way around.... if you have a pair of these type of shoes already or a pair of thinner shoes like converse, they can be a good guide for you. Then you need to cut out a rectangle...this will be the part that goes behind the heel and around the sides. 

Once you have all the basic pieces, assemble it by hot glueing. Take the top of the semicircle that is going to go on the toe, tack it to the front of the shoe (be sure to glue where the seal will be hidden), then tack the sides...then work your way to get the rest of it tacked down. Do the same for the back pieces. Take 2 small pieces of elastic and attach one on each of the unattached top corners of the heel piece...then attach the opposite end to the inner portion of the semi-circle.  You can then cut out fringe felt pieces and decorate.  This sounds really confusing when I type it out, but if you have a pair of these already (which I'm sure most moms of young children do) it will make more sense when you have the other one right in front of you. 

This is how Milo's turned out. I also put strips of hot glue on the bottom to act as tread....these are super slippery. You could also use tulip paint for that part. 

 Add a little face paint and braided hair and viola! a Little Indian!

Halloween was very dreary here so we had a make-up photo shoot this morning. I took her over to Crockford Bridge Farm. They have such a great little kids area. 

We took 381 pictures... and got 30 useable ones... Story of my life. I find that I just have to take a million shots and I'm bound to get something good. 

It was so freezing this morning and those shoes aren't water proof... so Milo had to have a wardrobe change... and it was such a beautiful day (a very rare thing here in fall/winter) that we decided to take a few more pictures. 

and I just have to say that this is only my 2nd time french braiding hair and I have to say that it's getting better every time... and Milo is learning to be patient with me :) 

Most of my photos of Milo are like this... and I think it totally captures her spirit.... full of life

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