Clothing Coincidence. I think not.

8:37 PM

The weather is already changing here. This past week its been cold and rainy. 

These adorable pictures were taken before the weather took a turn for the cold. 

Milo's favorite recent discovery is sidewalk chalk. As I mentioned before, she loves to eat it... but Mommy likes to draw things with it as well. I saw this somewhere online that was adorable.... i had to give it a try, but Milo is like a turtle...she hates being on her back. 

See what I mean about mum liking to draw :) 

Milo prefers to draw on her face. lol.  Since the weather has turned cold, we have had to buy Milo some warmer clothes. We love H&M and Next for reasonably priced but trendy clothes. I am not too keen on pink overload covering in barbies and other cartoon characters.... well, besides Hello kitty. I figure it's Milo's homage to Hawaii :) 

Well someone from Wolf emailed me to ask if they could link up with Milo's halloween costume from last year.    They have kids t-shirts that were designed by various graphic Artists. Right up my alley. 

I found this adorable shirt.... guess what? My grandfather's name is Freddy Fox! Milo's great grandfather. I am definitely going to have to get this to surprise him when he comes to visit in a few months. They have several other shirts too. Go have a look... they ship to the US for all my ex-pat buddies out there. Well, I'm off to put this little girl to bed. Peace out! 

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