Buckingham Palace Tour

10:21 PM

JR, Milo, and I recently did the Buckingham Palace Tour. It's only open a few months of the year and about half of that time was during the Olympics.... which is why we just went recently. But I think it's one of those things that you just HAVE to do while you're in London. 

They don't allow photos inside the tour... or strollers....or food....or large bags.... so don't bring anything besides a little camera for outdoors. We ended up leaving our stroller at the desk and lugging all our bags around.

Milo ended up falling asleep in the Jewel room. It was dark and crowded and she totally zonked out. 

The tour was great. It is definitely the most lavish palace/castle that we have seen. I mean, it should be right?! It is where the queen lives after all.... Windsor Castle is a close second...but then again, she lives there part of the year. 

This is the back lawn. It is extremely secluded. Honestly, I don't know how this fits all in central london. Everywhere else is pretty crowded and this looks like it could be in the middle of the country. 

This is the back view.... and below is Milo in a flurry... which is usually how she is these days...

And we taught her how to play poker... jk :) I just found these at a charity shop and hoped she would play with these instead of my coin purse... now she just likes to play with both 

Well my friends. It's late and I spent a whole lotta time on my feet in the kitchen today... so I am going to get ready for bed. Hope you all are having a happy monday. 

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