Photo Dump: Dover

11:29 PM

Milo's cuteness requires me to post a whole bunch of pics..... 

So prepare yourself for an overload of adorable. 

Milo likes to eat chalk. Yes, CHALK... it goes in colorful... that's led to a few laughs..

Speaking of.... Milo is pretty much potty trained at home. Well... when she is naked. She doesn't really understand the concept of underwear.... and the fact that it's not a diaper. We'll eventually overcome that one. Hopefully soon before it get's too cold. This naked bootie is going to freeze. 

Milo has finally really started taking a liking to her stuffed animals. Her little violet pup here is one of her faves. She takes him/her  everywhere. 

We recently went to dover. 

This is at the Samphire hoe. It's like a park that they created from all the dirt/chalk that was dug up when creating the chunnel. It's added something like 82 acres onto england. 

It's just a little patch of land with walking trails and a beautiful view of the coast and the white cliffs....and plenty of dandelions for Milo. 

Milo has some cute new habits. Anytime she makes a mess or something she comes running over to me saying uh-oh and pointing over in the direction of the scene of the crime.....and drags me over there.

She also tries to say "i love you".... just sounds like "udge-oooo" 

She gives millions of kisses.... paying me back for all the ones I give her.... 

She got her first pair of "real shoes" with laces and everything. They are navy converse... and they are the cutest things ever. Milo wanted these other shoes...lets just say they were super ugly. Ok. Maybe that's over reacting, but they weren't nearly as cute. And I try to get Milo shoes with a thin flat sole.... and these didn't fit the bill. 

Anytime Milo wears a shirt with a face on it, she gives it kisses then hugs it... but it's like she's hugging herself :) 

On to the castle.... This is Dover castle. 

Dover is just across the English channel from France. You could even see it faintly in the distance.... like the other islands in hawaii. 

Milo's got the best seat in the house. Somehow I got to carry her when we walked to the top of the castle... it was up like 792 steps..... not just regular steps, but old uneven stone steps on a winding staircase. ... I didn't think I was going to make it. 

Milo also can tell you she is one.... but that is also the same thing she does when she wants to do something "one more time"

Well all my family is in bed and I better go join them. Hope everyone has a great week!... here are the rest of the pics from our day in Dover. 

(PS) that's the castle in the distance on the right. Beautiful :) 

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