Our Day in Oxford

10:22 PM

As if you already couldn't tell, we went to Oxford today....and if you're friend's with JR on facebook, you've seen a lot of these pics.... But that's ok, there are a few extra good ones :) 

Last night we just up and decided to drive out to oxford. We didn't really plan it out and once we got there we realized there was too much to do in one day. So we really just walked around and explored a bit.

This view was taken from the top of the tower in the picture above... which is also the same picture in the first picture. Milo and I were not cool enough to go up to the top. No kids allowed.... so only JR got to go.  But luckily, he took some pictures for us..

Below is the Radcliffe Camera, which holds the Science Library. It's such a beautiful building. 

The Science Library sits just in a courtyard outside the Bodleian Library. The Bodleian Library (picture below) is the second largest library in the UK housing 11 million items on 117 miles of shelving, and has a staff of over 400. Wow! It had a tour that you could take, but again....NO KIDS ALLOWED. I mean, I guess I understand, but it's sort of a downer. 

Below is a picture of Christ Church College. You know how I said that we didn't do our research... yeah. I always do research before our day trips and this is why. Lots of scenes from Harry Potter were shot here at Christ Church college. (FACEPALM!) You can do a tour, but we didn't want to wait in a long line just to see inside a college... yeah, the long line should have been a tip off.... but we just passed on by none the wiser... Luckily it's only 45 minutes away and we can go back any time... 

Also, Alice in Wonderland was inspired and written here (at Christ Church College) by Lewis Carroll. It was inspired by the Dean's children. There was a cute little Alice in Wonderland shop across the street. Milo and I picked up a picture book for her and then a large hot pink leather book with Alice in Wonderland and some other stories from Lewis Carroll. I just loved that it was hot pink.... 

So, if you are like me, you think of Oxford University and think about it being a fancy college like Harvard or Yale... Well, actually Oxford University is a federation that is made up of about 40 private Colleges and Halls... Did I just blow your mind?! ok. so maybe not, but at least you learned something new today. 

So you can see why we barely scratched the surface. 

We did make it a point to go to the botanic gardens.  The weather here is so perfect right now that I felt like we should take advantage of being outdoors. We can definitely go back another time...maybe later this year, but I bet that it wont be nearly as nice as it is right now. 

Milo loves being outside.....loves rocks, flowers, dirt, puddles.... 

I have to say that Milo has given us so much joy... Milo and I were picking blackberries the other day at a nearby farm... and I don't know what happened, but I was completely overcome with joy.... yes, parenting is hard and often filled with tears. Good and Bad.... but lately I've found myself crying happy tears at how much I love her. It's sort of overwhelming at times. Children are the most amazing gift. 

Isn't she adorable?!

So I know you don't come to my blog to look at plants, but these lilly pads were so cool. I just couldn't leave them out.... 

doesn't it look fake. I mean, I think Milo could float on one of these.  And these below were just such a beautiful color combo. 

and here is a cute little present to give you an extra boost. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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