Month in Memphis: Part 1

11:03 PM

As you can tell from the silence on here, I have been out of town. I spent a month back home in Tennessee.  I had a blast and I have sort of just been vegging out since I've been back.  It was such a nice trip home. I did a lot of relaxing and visiting with family and friends. 

Went to see my grandmother and great grandmother (milo's Great Great Grandmother) 

Then I went to see my other grandmother at her house in Pickwick... If you weren't already jealous, take a look at this picture...

Funny story. So my grandma called me and asked if I wanted to come visit since JR would be working downtown for the olympics... I said yes...and I got a ticket for a week later.... then the next day my dad calls and asks me to come in town as well, but I had to turn him down and surprised him when I showed up a week later. 

Anyways, my grandparents have a house in pickwick. i loved it so much that I went 3 times while I was home. It's such a great getaway... so relaxing. 

We ride around on the pontoon boat... makes me think of that song: 

 Milo thoroughly enjoyed herself. Loved the boat, loved the water, loved the house, loved the dog, loved the refrigerator.... I think she would gladly move there permanently. 

I think by far her favorite thing was driving the pontoon..... Her great grandma and Great grandpa happily obliged. 

We also spent a lot of time at my parents.... Milo gets a long great with her Uncle Ryan... yes Uncle! who is only 3 years older than her :) 

Two little indians jumping on the bed... luckily no one fell off and bumped their head. 

Look at them... makes me happy inside. 

Milo loves her Uncle Ryan. Right before this picture Ryan had kissed her on the cheek. Right after this picture Milo said "AWWWW." That little one melts my heart. 

We also went to the children's museum in Memphis.  Milo went down the slide about a million times... 

Ryan also had his first day of school!...well preschool. He had to dress up as a super hero. Such a hard life. 

I will post more pictures and stuff as the time goes on. I've sorta just decided to let the blog take a back seat. It may not seem like it, but it really is time consuming. I just figure that right now there are more important things.  I will still continue to post stuff so that my family and friends back home can see what's going on with us.... I guess it's just more that I'm not going to stress about how long I go in between posts or spending a lot of time writing stuff....unless it's my prerogative. Well that's all folks. I'll post more stuff from our Memphis trip soon. 

And just one more picture before I call it quits for tonight. 

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