Memphis Month: Part 2

11:25 PM

So I was going through the last half of my TN pictures and realized that pretty much all the ones left were of Milo in the pool. 

That was her favorite place to be in Tennessee. Anytime she would see that pool out of my dad's window, she would be pulling me to the door begging to swim. 

Milo is an adventurous little girl. She's always loved the water from a very early age.... and she wants to be on her own.... and since she doesn't know how to swim that sort of poses a bit of a problem. 

That's where the floaties come in. My family tells me a story of myself when I was little. I guess they were trying to teach me how to swim and I didn't want them to hold me... just let me do it on my own. Sounds like someone else I know. Anyways, So they just let me be on my own... figured I would either learn how to swim or get scared enough to let them hold me. Sounds like reasonable logic. Well, I did neither of those things. I sat on the bottom of the pool in the shallow end and looked up at them... blowing bubbles..... They even had time to take a picture of me. I don't know where this picture is.... and I have no recollection of this event happening, but it sounds like me.... 

and let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Milo liked to jump into the water, but usually if you stood next to the edge to catch her, she would run further down and try to jump in before you could get there. So I let her... I mean, I am my parent's child after all. Now, I only let her go under the water for a couple of seconds. I even got underneath there and watched her to make sure she didn't freak out. She just floated around like she was in space..... eyes open... calm face....she loves the water. 

And then I went again to see My great grandma... Mamaw Mac, Milo's Great Great Grandmother. 

Then she was back at it... this time she was showing off for dad. Look at that face... lol 

My little brother Ryan... yes, little brother.....loved Milo being there. They had a blast swimming together...and doing just about everything else together. 

So I know I mentioned Milo jumping into the pool off the side, but did you know that she would climb up and go down the slide all by herself.....yes the full size adult slide. 

And she jumps off the diving board.... its a very technical method that Her and JR have.... the eyes closed lets them sense each other as opposed to actually watch to catch her. geez :) 

Then one funny one for the road.... Milo loves Pup Pup. She wakes up from her nap calling for Pup Pup. I think she dreams about him.... kisses :)

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