Our Weekend: Ham House

2:52 PM

This past weekend we went to Ham House. 

It's this beautiful mansion that has beautiful gardens all around. This is our favorite "house" that we've visited. They have a restaurant on site that uses vegetables grown in their own garden. 

It's also right on the river so there are tons of people walking down the paths, stopped enjoying a picnic, reading a good book, or just playing with their kids in the wide open spaces. I didn't realize it was going to be like that or we would have brought a picnic to enjoy and let Milo run free. 

We still had some fun running around and playing. The weather was gorgeous (unlike this weekend... it's been a downpour). We could have spent all day there. The place, the weather, the company.... everything was just perfect! 

And just for fun, here are some pictures of Milo and her Daddy playing in the park!.... 

I feel like i say this every week, but Milo is getting huge.... she's practically grown. She can go up and down the slide all by herself! I caught her trying to put on JRs deodorant the other day...lets just say her booty smelled good.

Milo prefers to be diaper free. When she needs to potty, she usually brings you a diaper....but she wont use the potty. Then when she's done, she either takes the diaper off herself or brings a new one to you.

Word on the playground is that going down the slide with your eyes closed is much more thrilling.

Milo loves her daddy and daddy loves is little Milo.

she showers us with kisses. Sometimes when we aren't even paying attention, she comes over and kisses our leg. Yesterday JR was napping on the couch and Milo snuck over there and gave him a kiss on his cheek...be still my heart

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