Scotney Castle

8:46 PM

Today it is pretty chilly. Yep, it's June and when I checked the weather this morning it was 52 with a low of 45. What in the world? I thought it was June? Honestly, I don't mind too much. I just wish the sun was shining. But it's not so I shall look back at these pictures I took on our recent trip to Scotney Castle in Kent. People are telling me that was our week of summer. It was a bit too hot for me considering we don't have AC. If you haven't caught on yet, my desired temperature window is very small. Anyway, onto the point....

Yay for family pictures. We don't have too many of all three of us. We are getting our photos taken at the end of July....SUPER EXCITED.... this is our photographer's site.  I can't wait.  I seem to be getting off topic a lot today.

Scotney Castle was beautiful. The gardens surrounding it were so colorful. I didn't really learn anything from my trip there except that on the property was a slate stone mine (or something) and they moved out of the castle and built a mansion on the property to live in. Who would move out of a castle? I guess it was getting run down, but that's just crazy to me. 

Yes, Milo and I were matching.....No I'm not ashamed. 

This was just like a rainbow hill of flowers.  The English really know how to tend a garden. 

Check out how beautiful this castle is. They are going to open some of the interior up later this summer and will be opening the area for weddings. I love outdoor weddings.... Actually, I've only been to one on a beach, but they sure look pretty on tv. lol. Anyone out there had an outdoor wedding in real life? i guess I was too nervous that it would be too hot or rain. 

Our anniversary is this weekend. FIVE years!!!! it's our first milestone. Now when they do that dance at wedding know the one, all married couples dance then they slowly increase the limit by increments of 5 years....those that haven't been married that long must sit down. We will now last just a little bit longer!!! It's sorta depressing to get up for the dance only for them to immediately tell you to sit down......... It's the little things

Sweet, Peachy cuddles. 

Isn't she a doll?! Don't Fret. I was hiding just out of sight to catch her if she fell. 

So, Funny story. Milo was picking flowers in the grass and these ducks thought it was bread and were trying to eat it out of her hand. At first it was cute....waddling up to her while she looked on curiously....then just before the duck ate her finger Aunt T scooped her up out of harms way. We were all smiling and laughing about it.... 10 seconds later Milo has a nervous break down. Talk about delayed reaction. I guess she was just in shock. 

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