Catch-up: Stonehenge

10:08 AM

Sometimes life is too exciting and fun-filled to sit down and blog about it....There have been a lot of things going on since I last posted....My birthday, mother's day, Visitors, the Queen's jubilee (celebrating 60 years of her reign) today, I'm playing catch-up. 

Milo loves helping me in the kitchen. Really it's more like she likes smearing things around and trying to eat raw onions and garlic. True story. Well I got her this adorable apron at Fortnum and Mason. It's plastic-y like a picnic tablecloth so it's easy to wipe. This is her helping me to make my birthday cake. 

She really liked whipping the cream....watching the kitchenaid go really fast and then licking the whisk..... and sharing with daddy.  Want some?

Then it was off to my birthday cook-out....graciously thrown by my buddies Sue and Suzanne....and yes, I call them by the wrong name all the time.  Milo took a liking to this colander... she was pretending to be a member of Devo in Whip it.... have you seen this video? It's sorta freaky. anyway....she was rocking that blue colander. 

Aunt T also came in town for a visit. one of our outings was to stonehenge.... I mentioned before that we passed it on the way to our cornwall retreat. Milo enjoyed this much better than she likes the museums and such. She pretty much got to run free around...playing hide and seek with daddy.... Just an example of how useful nursing covers are. 
Where's daddy?! he's such a good hider. 

This is what I like to call a reality shot. The image captures the whole situation. Milo running wild and free...daddy going after her in exasperation just wanting to listen to the audio without his child running under the boundary ropes.... such is life...and parenting. :) Good thing she's so cute.

I told JR to throw Milo up really high for the picture.... A couple of ladies were looking on commenting about how high and dangerous that looked.... eh, it was fine and fun and Milo loved it. I think that's one up side to having kids when you are younger... you don't stress quite as much about certain things. 

Here's Milo and Aunt T.... don't you just lover her red hair! She was working with Milo on sign language and Milo (in the 2 week) period has already started signing more, food, milk, please.... we are working on help, but it's a little advanced :) I am so impressed with her. It has also helped to decrease her frustration.

Here are the two lovely ladies twirling about... Milo loves to twirl and get dizzy. Sometimes it's nice to tap into your inner joy/free spirit and let go. Being a mom has really helped me to realize that. In church yesterday, I just wanted to bust out into twirling and jumping during this particularly fun song.... I didn't...for fear that my husband might disown me....jk, but not really.

and another :)

It's amazing what kids pick up. Milo is all about phones.... mainly she likes to watch videos of herself on the phone. I think we are going to have a star on our hands. Also, I only wear make-up maybe 25% of the time, but Yet Milo knows what to do with the brushes. If I give her one to play with, she immediately starts brushing it on her face.

It really goes to show you how we as parents need to unplug a bit sometimes... said as I sit here typing on the laptop.... but really. I find that if I accidentally leave my phone at home, I enjoy myself more (after I get over that initial freak out of "where's my phone?!") 

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