Road Trip: Land's End, Cornwall

7:52 PM

Milo and I (mostly I) am feeling a bit under the weather. We went out of town this weekend and the first day it was crazy windy and cold.... the second day is was beautiful and sunny. My body sorta freaked out a bit with the crazy weather change... then to top it off, I started a 15 day introductory offer at the local hot Yoga place.... today. Unaware of how I was going to be feeling. Yay. anyway. We had a great time. We went to Cornwall--land's end to be more specific. 

It was a 5.5 hour drive--not including stops. Milo was a trooper even though she was bored out of her mind....and the drive was pretty. We passed Stonehenge... Just your average drive :) 

As I mentioned, the first day was crazy, windy, cold... we planned to do a couple hikes and realized an hour away from home that we left the carrier. I was so angry with myself. We've been hemming and hawing on wether or not we should buy a hiking carrier....we didn't get one yet, but I guess I got so caught up in thinking about the hiking one that the other one slipped my mind. anyway, it ended up working out ok.... we just had to do things a little differently. 

Milo loved picking the flowers...she wouldn't stop till every flower was destroyed! Then we went to the petting zoo nearby... 

Milo had a great time. The lamb's baaaaaa almost sent her into shock at first, but then she warmed up. By the end she went stampeding towards the cows and scared the dickens out of them. 


At first we attempted the easier hike with the stroller... but it didn't go so well and then we decided it was too cold to even worry about going any further. My child is even hogtied to keep her legs snuggly warm in the blanket. 

That afternoon the sun came out a bit and really made the countryside come to life. 

Did I mention that our hotel was right on the edge of a the land's end... 

The second day was crazy we had a little fun...

 It's not hawaii, but it sure is pretty.... open fields filled with Yellow flowers, cows, sheep, or even stonehenge. I'll post more pictures soon from our day in penzance. 

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