Tennessee take THREE!

1:00 PM

Well, I am proud to announce that Milo and I are back on a normal sleeping schedule. For our first week back, we woke up around 11am and didn't go to bed till 2-3am....but after a bit of transition we are right on track again. While in the great state of Tennessee, we had an impromptu photo shoot. Milo of course was a bit unwilling, but still allowed me to capture her cuteness. 

Here is her self-proclaimed BFF/Aunt....who probably loves Milo almost as much as she would her own child...maybe even more :)  Auntie K came to visit Milo in hawaii right after she was born. Milo hated being in the car seat so anytime we would drive anywhere, she cried the whole way.....and when we would arrive at our destination, Auntie K would be teary and in dire need of a Xanax. True story. 

Here are here grandparents....Papaw and Bubbles. Milo was a big fan of all the toys and random things that bubbles had for her to play with.... even though she just played with mardi gras beads, plastic kitchen utensils, and tupperware... 

Her relationship with their dog Palin was a little rocky at first, but she quickly warmed up! At first, she cried when he even got close to her.... by the end she was giving him kisses :) 

She particularly liked his dog bed....so much that JR and I have been thinking of buying on. I can see it now....giving guests the tour of our home....
Me: and here's the living room with Milo's play area and tent....
Guest: oh I didn't realize you had a dog. Cute bed!
Me: Umm... actually it's for milo. 
Guest: What kind of parent forces their kid to sleep in the dog bed. Oh that's nice. I'm calling CPS
----awkward Silence----

I'm gonna GETCHA!!!!

Can I just say how all-american the picture below is? Complete with flag hanging proudly in front of house.... 

I can't help but laugh every time I see this picture...... duh. I feel like I'm going to be seeing this face a lot in the future. lol   

Did I tell you that Milo can now open doors?! the other day she just bust into the bathroom. "Milo, Did you open that door?" "Duh, mum.." 

And there they are... the whole clan....even Palin. 

Milo loves being outdoors. She loves to pull my plants up help in the allotment. I just can't ever get any work done when I take her there by myself. Today it's been beautiful! I attached the bassinet to my stroller and prepped to go when she napped. Milo fell asleep, I got her all set and ready to go, and looked outside to see it raining.... So, I transfer Milo to her bed since she'll sleep better there....get back down stairs and the sun is shining bright.... I'm trying to figure out if I should set the stroller back up and now it's cloudy again.... story of my life. Guess we'll have to wait till another day this week.

Milo loves to eat things out of your mouth...like a baby bird... and she will pass objects back and forth just for kicks and giggles. Gross? Maybe... 

I love this picture of her... it captures that perfect toddling... milo swings only her right arm when she gets going fast... just flings that arm all over the place :) 

Can you believe it's almost MAY! I haven't even gotten used to writing 2012 yet!... you know what is right around the corner...well my birthday (reminder for my husband), but more importantly for everyone else, Mother's day is next month! Most husbands don't get their wife anything for mother's day..... using the excuse "She's not my mother"...ok maybe not most men, but my husband and my father both do that.....Tisk Tisk. The mother of your children just wants to know you appreciate her for all of the things that she does. I mean, sitting at home eating bon bons and watching Ellen is a lot harder than it seems. Sarcastic much? 

Anyway, when I had Milo, JR got me a necklace from Lisa Leonard. I loved it, but I sorta think her things are a bit pricy unless it's for a special occasion. I mean, mother's day is special...just not as special as the day you actually birthed your child..... I feel as though I'm getting off topic. What I am meaning to tell you is that I just saw that one of my facebook peeps sells these on her etsy store.  They are very cute and very reasonably priced. 

Just throwing it out there for those of you who may be stuck on what to get your wife/mother. 
Enter the code: Boakboutique  to get free shipping

I am not receiving any product/discount for this post....it's just my opinion. 

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