Hey Ya'll

8:19 PM

We just got back from a nice looooong visit back home with our family and friends. I sorta unplugged from the rest of the world.... aside from checking facebook and email for messages from family (since I didn't really have a cell phone). It was sorta liberating.... but now that I've been back a few days it's time to get back on the technological band wagon. 

The cradle above was made by JR's dad.... It's beautiful. I can't wait till we move closer to home and can have this cradle in our bedroom holding our future wee ones as well. 

And below is my dad's back yard... last time we came home it was a forest. Since then, my dad has worked so hard and is in the final stages of digging his lake. It looks so good. I can't wait till it's done. Probably by our next visit Milo and I will be puttin' around in a little boat out there. 

JR's grandparents (Milo's Great Grandparents) had their 60th wedding anniversary. Since they weren't able to have a big soirée we wanted them to have a nice little family party. My sister-in-law and I (mostly my sister-in-law)  set up a dinner to celebrate. 

Our theme was sorta vintage tea party style... I found these vintage handkerchiefs and some vintage doilies at an antique fair....along with the center crystal flower bowl that we gave them as a gift. 
We also had a sweet friend that allowed us to borrow some of her stuff to complete our look. It was a great dinner. 

The mantle was decorated with old pictures of them and their family. Some were so amazing that I had to make copies to hang in our house here. 

This cake is all Kasey. I did make the icing but the bunting idea was all hers and it turned out so cute!...

They told us how they met... how papaw proposed... and a little about their married life. It was great to have a night that we could focus a little more on them and their past. I love hearing stories about how people met....and how they make their marriages work.... especially when they come from our elders....thats the most PC way I can think to say it...lol

This was Milo at the park... putting the lens cap back on my camera. It was her way of telling me to put down the camera and have some fun... and that's what I did for a lot of the trip.... I will post more pictures soon...but i didn't take nearly as many as I should have. Being with family is so nice and I often forget to stop and take photos of all the fun thats going on..... more to come... :)

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