Happy (belated) Easter

10:59 PM

Happy Easter!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family. We were back home in Tennessee and had a great day! Milo had a blast hunting for the easter eggs. 

until she fell.... well that didn't really put a damper on anything... she didn't even get a stain in her pretty dress.... I mean, that could have put a damper on mummy's day. 

Isn't her dress adorable. I'm not one for super frilly girly things but I saw this dress and loved it.

Ever since Milo has started walking getting perfect photos of her is nearly impossible... but she's so cute that it doesn't really matter :) 

I helped dye the easter eggs the night before...stayed up till after midnight. I know, I'm young and wild and CRAZY!!! I had a blast. I used to love dying eggs growing up. There were 4 kids in our family and we would spend a few hours around the kitchen table on saturday night...each with our own pile of eggs and decorating supplies.... arguing over whose eggs look better.... I miss those days. 

I made everyone an egg with their name on it...even Milo.

Check out my niece... she looked so mad when they put these ears on her. 

We changed Milo out of her fancy dress when it was game time.....couldn't risk any stains :)

She had a blast! Just chunking those eggs in the basket... they were all smashed up by the time it was over. So she decided it was time to eat them.... 

and get the dye all over her hands and mouth :0

Well, that was our easter. Hope you all had a great one as well!

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