Ardingly Antique Fair

10:20 PM

I went to an awesome antique fair this week. Before I tell you about the awesome goodies I got, it's time for a Milo update. 

She has a new trick of putting things down her shirt.... 

She can now say up and uh-oh. 

Milo also gives eskimo kisses :)

She loves purple mashed potatoes... I mean, who wouldn't?! 

We are definitely into the toddler stages and now Mum has had to break out the stern voice. 

Could you keep a straight face looking at that face? 

Yeah, It's pretty hard. 

 Now onto the antique fair... The Ardingly antique fair was great....and MASSIVE! We were there from 9:30 to 4:45 and still didn't see it all. We even skimmed a lot of it.  Here are the goods:

A turn of the century stained glass window... now has a home sitting in my bathroom window. 

A few books from the late 1800s/early 1900s.... I mean, they're great for decoration. One is even titled the Blind Gamemaker. I picked that one for JR :)

A couple milk bottles from the 20s or 30s. I'm hoping to put some roses in these puppies if my rose bushes are successful. 

An old Kodak Brownie Camera--made in England. I am pretty sure it still works too! 

Kodak Brownie Camera

A Shabby Chic rocker for Milo. She loves it!

An Old gas Lantern that goes on the side of a train... still works. Oh yeah!

An oil can from the 30s. 

I condensed the next three items. You're welcome. Its a copper tea pot, pitcher, and hot water bottle. 

And another stain glass window from the 20s... it sits in my kitchen window :) 

Well that's all for today. Sorry I haven't typed much. I've had my hands full with Milo this week.... so I've kept this short and sweet....I hope you all have a great week.  I know I have.

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