Milo's New Ride!

9:49 PM

If you are friends with my husband on Facebook, you have already seen this car…. but for those of you that missed it…here it is. 

We purchased this a the Sunbury Antique Market this week.  We ended up talking the guy down...and paid like 30% of what he was originally asking!  It's electric....not really running right now, but JR is out in the garage as I type taking it apart so that he can redo it! 

At first we thought Milo was a little small for it, but as soon as she saw it in the back yard she went straight over there and climbed in....and started crying when she had to come inside. 

The guy who sold it to us said its from some museum that used to have these for kids to drive around in at the museum. It was old and rusty so they threw it out.....but I have complete faith that my handy husband will get it working!

I Love it! Milo's great grandfather has an old Model A back in the states and now we have a mini one to match :) JR is all excited about redoing it....of course he wants to change the color and all, but Milo and I both vote that the yellow should stay!....So technically he is out-voted.....which is pretty much the case for all things since I am the interpreter for Milo :)

Poor JR....doesn't stand a chance with us girls. 

So for my folks back in TN, I am coming to visit soon!!!!! yay!!! I am so excited to see everyone, but a few people in particular. My Bestie just had a baby.... so that kinda makes him Milo's new bestie by default :) 

PS If anyone is interested in doing a guest post while I'm gone, let me know! 

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