Milo Minute: Hello!

10:16 PM

Thanks everyone for all your prayers. Milo is feeling much better....I'm hoping this is the last of the illnesses for this winter. I can't even count how many times we've been sick....but now that there is a light at the end of the cold dreary tunnel, I thought it was time for another update. 

Her new favorite bathtime ritual is drinking from the detachable shower head. 

She also plays with old cups and measuring spoons like she's eating soup. 

JR and I both hated that Milo was sick, but she was so snuggly and cuddly during that time. Milo is by nature an adventurer.... she doesn't usually have the time of day to be snuggling with her parents.... ever since she could crawl, she refused to sit still. 

Her hair is getting more and more blonde....and it isn't even summer yet. I have a feeling her hair is going to be just like her mummy's. 

Milo said her 3rd word: Hello. We were playing and Milo was pretending that she was talking on the phone. I said "Say hello!" and to our surprise she said hello :)….. twice. 

Milo has 4 new teeth coming in! 3 premolars and another regular tooth (is there such a thing as a regular tooth). 

She got her first pair of Big Girl shoes :) 

Speaking of shoes....these are my new shoes :) 

Milo is a big proponent of recycling... well, she throws everything in our recycling bin. I think we have entered that stage where I really have to watch her to make sure she doesn't throw away anything important....phones, keys... this is going to be interesting. 

She learned the motions to "Round and Round the Garden"

Milo loves Popcorn...that is the snack she loves to share with daddy.... daddy doesn't like the sharing quite as much :) 

Milo and mommy snack on dried mango.

Milo can now turn around in circles. JR taught her that one. 

She now loves to slide down the slides at the playground. She will go down by herself and even push herself off the little adventurer she is. 

In other news, I am so excited that we are going home to visit soon.... I am, however, a bit nervous about the flights... I mean, Last time we flew was good, but Milo was just crawling. Now she is walking and is all over the place. I have no idea how I am going to keep her entertained for the flight. any tips and tricks from you mom's with older kids...we are going all the way from london to tennessee, so it's going to be a Loooooong trip. 

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