Get Lost!

9:42 PM

We decided to change it up a bit this weekend and explore. I checked out a few websites and picked a trail to take through Hydon Heath. It looked to be a great day… a little overcast and cool. We were all ready to do our 3.7 mile trek. 

somewhere along the way we took a wrong turn… I shouldn't really admit that I was the navigator. In my defence, the map/description was quite inadequate. Milo had to take over and be our guide. 


JR didn't seem to be enjoying the trails... but I loved getting out and breathing in the fresh air.

Milo didn't really seem to pay attention to the cows, but she loved eating reading the maps....

Milo's Favorite Animal noise is Ba-a-a-a-a-a.... gets her every time

a few stray black sheep mixed in the flock...or herd... or whatever it is that you call sheep. After the sheep, the trek to a awful turn.... well, a wrong turn. this mistake ended up taking us almost 2 miles out of the way....

We stumbled upon this adorable little church. It was locked, but it was a perfect place to stop and refuel..... and have a snack.

The trail we took ended up being about 5.5 miles.... with us wearing Milo in the carrier. We were famished and beat. Milo is starting to get a little heavy for long distances with my current BECO carrier. We are looking to get a framed carrier when we go back to the states for a visit... maybe like this one. I'm hoping to find one on sale or at an outlet. Then we will be good to go!

Milo and JR were so exhausted that they both crashed when we got home....aren't they adorable. 

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