11:52 PM

So I received an email on the blog that has left me a bit unsettled. I'm not going to give all the details because this person evidently wants the attention if they are emailing me directly about this. Let's just say that is was an inappropriate comment about my daughter.

This blog is a place for me to share photos and stories with all of my friends and family.... And I still plan to do that. I will just have to be a bit more conservative with the photos I choose to post of her.

My immediate reaction is anger.... Better yet, fury. But I just have to take a breath and stop myself. We are all sinful and there are people that lack a moral compass because they lack a relationship with God. Is it ok to be angry? Yes. I'm more angry about the state of our society and our morality. I am hopeful that I can bring more good into the world just by trying to raise my children with love, compassion, morals, and faith. I'm not perfect, but I'm here.... trying

Dear God, I just pray that you would rain your love down on this person. Create an opportunity for them to find out more about you and know your forgiveness and blessings. Thank you for the ability to share my life with friends and family all over the world. Please let the viewers of this site come with pure intentions.... And continue to mold me so that I can--in some way-- be a light in this ever dimming world

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