A Walk in the Park

5:47 PM

We live very close to a lovely little park....and, since the weather has been better this week, we got out and had a little fun in the sun... or lack there of....

Please take note of Milo's cute John Deere Boots....given to her by her great grandpa...we all call him Paw. He picked them out and everything. 

I couldn't decide if I wanted to let Milo play in the sand box. I mean, #1 Germs... #2 do i really want to try and clean her up after this. I mean, Sand tends to get into ever single nook and cranny.....But, Alas, I gave in and let her loose. 

She tentatively rubbed her hand accross the sand... then inspected her hand closely to see what awful little particles were stuck on there. She played around a bit with an abandoned rake...then slowly crept back to the edge and climbed out...escaping from that dirty stuff. 

She loves the sound that the sand makes between her shoes and the sidewalk. 

Ever since Milo was born, she always calmed down when we took her outside.... she fresh air and the wind in her face just put her at ease. When we lived in hawaii, we used to take a walk every night before bath time.  Now,  it's a bit too cold to hang out outside every day. I'm really looking forward to spring because Milo is just so happy spending time outdoors. 

She loves exploring and figuring out what everything is... and then proceeds to conduct a taste test. 

Milo is adding new facial expressions to her repertoire. This is the new disappointed/stubborn face. "But Mommy, I'm not ready to leave the park" 

Our friendly neighborhood surrogate grandmothers also came to the park with us. They love playing with Milo... and Milo loves playing with them.


and pass.....

Now you can see more of the cute boots :)

We are so blessed to have met such sweet wonderful ladies.... Our days would be so boring without them. 

Milo's calling daddy to tell him how much fun she's having!


have a happy weekend!

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