Onion Head

11:39 PM

I've seen toe heads but, in true Milo Fashion, She has to be unique. She is the first onion head I have seen :) 

Milo is finally feeling better. We are all feeling better.....and just to tempt fate, We went to the sing song play group at the library on friday. Milo was a little overwhelmed by all the people. She clung on to my leg the whole time.....and looked at everyone like they were crazy when they were dancing and doing motions. Her favorite song was The Grand Old Duke of York...

After singsong, we went to a nearby play center with our neighbor and her 2 year old son. Milo gained a little confidence there....let her hair down...and dove right in to all the toys.....

Milo has recently learned how to give hugs. It is adorable and warms my heart.... Right now, she just leans in to you when you ask for a hug... I'm trying to teach her how to wrap her arms around me when she gives hugs.... but she is just looking out for me....she knows that I would die of cuteness.

Instead, she put her adorable self to good use as a little model.
The lighting in our hallway happened to be so beautiful....

Milo's new favorite fruit is Strawberry...Food-wise, she's into pita bread and rice. 

She loves to be chased and to chase me and JR. We run and hide. She cases us...we hide...then BOO! we jump out when she gets close and she just cackles.

We usually hide behind doors or around corners. She peeks around inquisitively.

She's recently discovered the home phone.... I hear "you have no messages" about a million times a day. She just pushes the buttons over and over.

Well, that's what's up with us..... hope you all had a great week and have a wonderful weekend.

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