Motherhood....Ain't it Grand?!

5:09 AM

So I must prepare you... I'm a bit cranky. That may not be painting an accurate picture. I am crazy momma cranky.... I could snap at any second...then cry 3 minutes later.... then be laughing. You know what I am talking about ladies. We've all been here. 

(These pictures btw are from Saturday)

Milo is sick for the 73rd time. It all started friday. My shirts have been covered in snot and there have been way more tears than usual. Majority of the nights I have had less than 5 hours sleep. Some of you may be thinking to yourself: I sleep 5 hours every night--this lady is such a whiner. First, I shall give you stink eye and then tell you that those 5 hours were not solid. They were constantly interrupted.....and today, I am sitting here at 4:30am...been up since 3:30am....and didn't go to sleep till midnight because my daughter and husband were having a snoring competition. 

and then just for fun, I think I am getting sick….and my old lady hips are acting up. 

You know those times when you wanna just throw a full on hissy fit…. flailing. whining. yelling. Yeah, I may have hit that point on several occasions tonight. 

I'm not angry with Milo. She doesn't feel good--just like me. I'm just frustrated at the fact that we have been sick a million times... and I need my sleep. I get cranky and brooding when I don't get my sleep. 

And I love being a Mom (like I even need to say it) and I love being needed... I just wish sometimes I wasn't needed every second of every day. For those of you that have yet to embark on the magical journey that is motherhood, let me open your eyes to a few of the perks. 

You know how you get to go to the bathroom all by yourself...yeah, forget about that....and those cute shirts that you wear are going to be crunchy and covered in snot and spit up and food (at least you tell yourself it's food).... and sleep--we all know that that is a pipe dream.  

When I imagined being a stay at home mom, I knew there would be some struggles.... but I imagined playing games, cooking super nutritious meals, crocheting and crafting while Milo played, going to the park, having fun field trips (like the zoo)....then my husband would come home to a clean(ish) house, a delicious meal, a happy daughter, and a wife who actually wears real clothes and puts on make-up. 

Sometimes this happens--or parts of it anyways.... but not nearly as often as I expected.

Ok. So I'm being dramatic. Well, only sorta :)  I mentioned to a friend the other day that you really don't know how hard motherhood is until you've been a stay at home mom...and baby sitting isn't even close.  There are wonderful moments that make your heart burst with joy...and then there at times that you wanna take a long hot bath and have a pity party....or if you are cool enough you can have a pity party on your blog so that everyone can partake ;) Well, I'm off.  Hopefully I can get a little "me" time soon....

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