Milo's Table

8:13 PM

Milo was definitely in need of a table... a place to eat on, play at, snack at.... I've been searching high and low for the perfect table. After a trip to Ikea, I found just what I was looking for.....

Milo and I were so excited... In comes Daddy to put it together. Milo wanted to help...

She wanted to help, but we all know how it goes... a few minutes later...

Milo decided she was needed to supervise to be sure that everything was squared away. 

Then she decided to help me take photos....she took this one....
 (well she looked through the eye piece while mommy clicked it)...

This table was originally a 2 person adult dinner table. We borrowed a saw from our friend Sue :) and JR chopped the legs off the table and chairs. The chairs were kid chairs and were a bit to tall for Milo to handle them by herself. 

And there you have it.... How will she fit the biscuit into the cup? Milo's new obsession is putting all her food in her cup and then eating it smooshy.... so gross... 

Its pretty good Milo size... she still needs to grow a tiny bit into it. 

And so far the chairs support Mommy and daddy too :)

Sharing is an important part of meal time in our house. 

Isn't the wood on this table great?! I really wanted a wooden table and chairs....JR thought I was crazy buying an adult table....but It works perfectly. 

And... just in case you didn't know...Milo and I are under the weather again...I know. I can't really tell when one sickness ends and another begins. This is our first winter in 3 or 4 years...and we are in a foreign country with foreign germs... We are so not prepared.... This makes like the 3rd or 4th time sick for us. I really hope that this is just some cruel initiation into the country and we won't get sick this often the entire time we're here. 

see those pitiful sick eyes :( 

I've whipped up some homemade medicine... you know you can't take normal meds when you are nursing. I started taking it yesterday and it really seems to be helping. We will spend this weekend getting some much needed R&R... Hope everyone has a good weekend...Milo is telling me it's bath time. 

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