Little Red Riding Milo

6:42 PM

Just popping by to say hello....HELLO! 
It snowed last night....Not a ton, but just enough to make it pretty. 

I'm feeling much better, but Milo is still under the weather....She's got a ton of drainage and is coughing. 

poor child...she looks high. 

So, I thought I would share some pics from earlier this week when she was feeling better...It gives me hope... knowing that she will soon be back to her happy energetic self. 

This little red coat is a gift from Auntie Jenn all the way in hawaii....She got it as a Christmas gift.... and Milo just got these new jeggings from our friend Sue and they are so cute together. 

Speaking of hawaii, I'm really starting to miss it now that We have been on and off sick... I miss the beautiful scenery... right now it's quite dreary here...
the sun rises at 730 or 8 and goes down at like 430 or 5.... 

But I knew this day would come. The new would wear off and it would be cold and damp. So I prepared Myself. I tried to take account of all the things I don't like about Hawaii. I've had to remind myself of these things a lot lately... when I'm flipping through old photos like this...

Makapu'u lighthouse hike... my favorite lookout
 And this..... 

Kailua pillbox hike
I start to doubt my sanity... Why was I so ready to leave?!? I have to stop, take a deep breath and cherish all those beautiful places...then come back to reality... and remind myself what it was really like... no AC, not much to do, the people aren't all as awesome as my friends there, rock fever, a dot in the middle of the pacific... now that I am writing these things out, I realize it doesn't quite paint an accurate picture....I love hawaii. I love the scenery. I love the Hikes. I love the weather. Would I move back tomorrow if given the chance? No. Would I go on vacation there tomorrow if given the chance? OH YEAH!... But I am so happy to live here and get the opportunity to travel. 

ok. so I got a little off topic there... aloha to my hawaii peeps. Soak up some sun for me!....and eat a little extra good food :)  

But let's get back to Milo and her adorable self.... She wouldn't get to wear a cute coat like this in hawaii... and that alone is worth the cold. 

She's so adorable... she's sitting on my lap now as I type... coughing. Poor little baby. She's got so much chest congestion..... I'm hoping that she gets to feeling better soon. We both hate being cooped up in the house, but I hate taking her out in the cold for too long. 

Well, dinner is just about ready and I gotta go....Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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