iPhone Friday!

7:06 PM

I took some great photos of Milo today at the park, but I still need to go through them....so, I figured I'd share some iphone pics that I took this week.... Every day I usually email JR photos of Milo to give him an update...plus he misses his little cutie.... Here are some of the photos I sent him this week. 

We went shopping this week at the farm shop. 
Milo shopped around and had all the other shoppers stopped to ooh and ahh over her.

Milo picked out the watering can for our plants....

Milo has a little tent now in the living room that has become her impromptu napping station. 

as well as the table....

j/k... she was joking around...HA!

Orange you gonna say Hello!

chillin in the stroller. A rare occasion

Sleeping in the stroller...even more rare. 

Picking up sticks.... 

Stopping to smell the flowers with my handy neighbor....

Then catching some Zzzzzzz's 

Well that's our week in iphone pics.... I will be posting the park pictures soon!

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