We Went to Paris!

11:20 AM

So, we had a great weekend. We went to Paris to celebrate Milo and JRs birthday this week.

I am going to post some pictures. A lot of pictures. So many pictures that you will wonder how someone could take so many pictures over a weekend trip. But first, I am going to go to the grocery store because our fridge is empty then I am coming home to rest. Period. I am a huge fan of baby wearing.... and just in case you haven't been to europe recently, its way too crowded for strollers. And they don't always have escalators or lifts. You have to carry your stroller up and down stairs. So, We left our stroller at the hotel and wore Milo everywhere. And it was cold. Not just cold, FREEZING!!!! so after 3 days of non-stop walking, sightseeing, baby wearing, and being a tour guide; I am going to be a bum....and maybe take a hot bath with Milo to soothe my achy back. And whenever I realize being a rested mom is an oxymoron am rested, I will post some pics and tell you about our awesome trip. It may be tomorrow or later today. I can sleep when I'm dead right?

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