This week with Milo

6:51 PM

I'm feeling a bit random today. Don't have anything major,
I just had some cute photos I wanted to share. 
Milo has been sick this week.... 
The fever came on sunday... Then Vomiting came on tuesday...Doctor on Wednesday who diagnosed as a UTI and prescribed antibiotics....Thursday came the rash from the antibiotics..... Friday night came the sleepless nights with tossing and turning and crying.... It's been an eventful week, but she is on the mend. So in the meantime, I thought I would put up some random cute photos of Milo. 

Lounging in the carseat. 

She's a little hummus loving lion.... 

We went shopping and I didn't even realize she was asleep till I went to talk to her and saw this... Hanging limp like she passed out in the carrier. 

You know what stinks about Christmas PJs... you can only wear them for a short time.... But just as I wear white after labor day, I wear Christmas PJs in January... But they are still cute!

A friend I worked with in hawaii got Milo some ring pop Popsicle molds....I've made her these popsicles with just water and crushed fruit. This is grape. She loves them. Mommy loves them too.... which is good considering that I usually end up finishing them. 

Milo the Model. 

JR was so exhausted that he fell asleep while "playing with Milo"

In other news... I am now the proud owner/renter of an allotment space. I have been wanting to grow my own veggies for quite some my husband's dismay. Let's just say that I don't have a green thumb...but I have been making progress....and that's what google is for. My friends Sue and Suzanne have offered to help out. I think that between the 3 of us we can make something happen. I am so excited! 

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