Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur

3:42 PM

This is Part 3 of our Paris weekend get away....the final part.... I know you are getting tired of seeing pictures of Paris (if that's even possible). But don't worry. You will get to see Milo's Birthday pictures soon! On to the photos. 

So, I promise we didn't wear the same thing every day. We did change our clothes. It was just so unexpectedly cold that we wore our warm gear every day.... and one thing we've learned about traveling is: Pack light. 

Ever try taking a picture of yourself with an SLR? I'm always terrified that I'm going to drop it. 

Inside the cathedral was beautiful. The way the colors from the stained glass speckled the wall.... beautiful. The high ceilings and dark crevices gave it a secretive flare. I felt like I was going to trip over a loose stone in the floor that led to an unknown crypt where I would find beautiful jewels...A gift from the king to his mistress. Hidden away for hundreds of years... I have an active imagination. 

Some of my favorite movies are Indiana Jones, National Treasure, and the Davinci Code. Living in Europe where everything is so old really makes it feel possible. 

that night we moseyed on over to the eiffel tower again. 

on the hour it lights up....twinkling. 

again, it was freezing!

my poor little baby's cheeks were wind chapped. 

Up bright and early to head to Montmartre.... to see Sacré Coeur. 

poor Milo always gets cut out of the shot. 

amazing view of the city from the top

 so to give you some background of this next picture...When we first got to Paris at the train station, A young asian woman came up to JR and asked him (in broken english) if he spoke english... he said yes and she started pointing to this piece of paper in her hand. He assumed that she needed help reading the english. It said something about the deaf and mute community something.... it was a petition or something. She wanted JR to sign it. He did. Then she asked if he wanted to make a donation. He pulled the change out of his pocket and was trying to look through it to decide what to give. She grabbed the coins from his hand and told him he needed more because it was a minimum donation of like 8 euros... we said no thanks and she left, but JR realized he was duped. She was talking so fast and just grabbed his money. It was confusing and all happened so quickly that she left you in a whirl.... they do it on purpose. 

We saw them at several other places.... and tried to warn their poor future victims. It was like a pack of wolves...they would just all flurry around their prey. This group above was surrounding 2 people. Yes, the rest are these awful con artists. Word to the Wise.

headed down to the Moulin Rouge and passed a little bakery with these beauties...


That's all folks :)

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