Little Miss Milo

10:18 AM

I wanted to post some pictures of the little munchkin. It's been a rough week. Teething is the main cuprit.  Milo's 7th tooth just broke through but it seems that a couple more are making their way to the surface on bottom. Great :)

We've kinda taken a beat this week. I tried to be really hands on with Milo this week. She is teething and needing her mama.....and I have made some changes. One of them was to make sure that when Milo and I are home during the day, the TV stays kids shows, mommy shows, news, music.... whatever..... that means I had to entertain her more than usual. Not that I mind.

I've noticed JR doesn't turn the TV on much either when he watches her while I cook dinner. Then after dinner, we do other have a hand stand competition. I must admit that JR won. Even though I think he should be disqualified because he actually went too far and flipped over. I keep telling him it's like black jack. You gotta see how close you can get without going over.  Anyway, enough rambling.

Milo is changing so much. I feel like I say that every time I post, but I speak the truth. She can blow kisses-- I know, so Cute!

She can also play the music on my iphone. She walks around the house with the phone to her ear like she's talking on it with the music playing. It's like her mini boom box. 

We streamlined her toys to make it less cluttered and simplify it. We made her a toy station in our dressing room and in my craft room. 

Now that the toy area is cleaned off, she plays more on her matt. I've been teaching her to put her blocks back in the container. She loves to put them away--so much that she dumps them out right after just to put them back in again. At least that's what I tell myself. 

JR has been teaching her to stack blocks. Look how hard she is concentrating to stack these. It's adorable. 

The baby doll was a gift from her Great grandma. She prefers to carry it around by the foot. 

We also rearranged her bedroom (a converted walk-in closet in our bedroom). We put her bed on the floor (Montessori Style). She loves it.  The room is completely baby proofed so it's not like she's going to get into anything dangerous. 

She loves to play in her bedroom now that it's all on her level. I think she finally feels like it's her space. 

We even got her a pink pig night light... so that she can see when she wakes up.  Isn't she just adorable... all innocent when she's asleep.

This was after i woke her up... lol. She wasn't too happy. See the sleep line on her face?

She usually perks up when daddy gets home....which happens to be shortly after this nap. 

And she's walking like crazy!!!! 

Doesn't she look like a baby prisoner in this It's hilarious. 

Hope you all had a great week. It's friday!!!! and we are doing something really fun this weekend... I'll tell you all about it later.... 

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