Family Visit Part 1

12:53 PM

This past week, My family was in town....My grandparents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, 2 brothers....Including the 3 of us, That's 10 people all under one roof.  We had a great time. So I thought I would share all the photos. On day one, we went to Hampton Court Palace. 

First, we did the maze. It didn't really pose as a challenge because I just followed the little kids in front of me we are just that awesome. 

doesn't my grandma look like a little swedish snow bunny with her hat and uggs. She was so cute. 

We had a late Christmas ... Milo got some awesome Toms from her Aunt and Uncle. (I love toms)

She got a cool puzzle too! She uses the pieces like a defibrillator and tries to shock me back to life. 

I got lots of workout clothes....and a cool infinity scarf. I put on my workout clothes and felt like I could be the missing team mate of the cool runnings crew. 

Keeping it short and sweet today because we are in cleaning mode. But I will leave you with this photo of Milo before I woke her up at 4:30am to take everyone to the airport. She was so mad at me for waking her. 

Happy 2012

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