Family Visit. The End.

10:42 AM

Today is a bit of a photo dump of the last bit of their trip here. 

We went to Windsor on one of their last days. This is my brother, Paw, and Me.... 
Milo was too busy eating to be in the picture. 

This is the whole gang.....10 of us. Try keeping track of these guys in a crowded area. 

The Womacks...

JoJo Bear with a kids soldier hat on. 

Milo listening to the tour audio guide. 


We've decided to start collecting pins for Milo. This is the Windsor one. 

Typical Joe and Heather Pose. 

Excuse me while I chew a big piece of Chocolate in this cute picture of me and Jason.... Van you believe his cute dimples... I think this is the best picture we have ever taken together. 

The guys and the guard. 

OK...Prepare yourself for the these next photos.....

Are you ready. Maybe you should sit down....

Ok. Brace yourself. 

Can you handle the cuteness?!

Everyone in the crowd was oohing and Ahhing over her. 

And just in case that wasn't enough, here are some more. 

We got Milo a tunnel from Ikea to crawl through. Addie liked it too and they decided to go through it in opposite directions.... Well, as you can see, the bigger baby won. 

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