Winchester Day Trip

9:56 AM

So, this past weekend, we went to Winchester. It took us a little over an hour by train. 
This is milo waiting on the train :) 

Winchester is a beautiful little town.

This monument commemorates the plague of 1666. Farmers from outside the city would bring their produce to this point, leave it, and go wait further away. Citizens would come collect the goods and put their payment in a bowl filled with vinegar (to kill the disease)  and the farmers would come back and get it with tongs. 

This section is just a portion of the castle. It dates back to 1067!!!! I mean really. How crazy is that?! 
It's been around for almost a thousand years. 

They had a cute high street with lots of little shops. Milo is snoozing--and covered by my scarf. 

This is the Butter Cross (High cross). It's called that because people used to sell produce at the foot of it in the 15th century. Don't you just love those little details. 

Lunch: Cornish Pastries. It was like a Cornish hot pocket to me :)

This was erected to commemorate the millenneum of King Aelfred's death.  

Of course, we couldn't not take a cute picture of Milo and her daddy on our stroll by the river. It was much colder than we anticipated. We were fighting over who got to carry Milo. She's like a little heating pad.....and she's super snuggly. 

This wall below is from 3rd century AD... I mean, come on?! Thats like in the 200s, back in the Bible days! 

Milo was quite intrigued by the ducks. 

Below is the house Jane Austen lived and died in. I think my expectations were a bit to high....It was somewhat disappointing. 

They had a Christmas Market outside the Winchester Cathedral--Complete with an Ice skating rink. We didn't ice skate. I seriously contemplated it, but I think ice skating with my sub par skating skills and Milo strapped to me in the carrier might quality as a parenting faux pas.  But you just wait, when my family comes to town, I plan to pawn Milo off onto my grandmother so I can skate for a few minutes. 

The Winchester Cathedral was absolutely beautiful. I even took a peek through the door. But, it was getting late and you had to pay a fee to go in. We knew we wouldn't be able to get our money's worth since we were in a hurry. Maybe we will go back sometime to check out the interior. 

Below is THE Round Table. Like King Arthur and his Round Table. Isn't it cool?! I mean, Its massive. They date this back to 1250. It is about 18 feet in diameter and weighs 2645 lbs.  I can just imagine King Arthur as a young man planning his construction of this table... "I want a massive round table for all my peeps to sit.....with all our names on it. It's going to be Legen....wait for it.....dary"  And so it is. 

Things like this are so neat. I mean, it makes me think of my world history class in high school listening to Mr. Wilhite tell these really cool stories from European history.  I always dreamt of living in Europe. It was more of a pipe dream, but my dear husband has worked very hard to get us here.

I think you all have learned your history lesson for today :) I think its the neat little facts like these that make visiting places much more interesting. 

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