Well, This is Christmas!

5:00 PM

This has been a year of many changes. 
We've grown as a family. On JR's birthday in January, Milo was born. We've moved half way across the world.....literally. We are finally settling in to Weybridge and taking a breath to stop and smell the roses that are the blessings in our life.... Our baby girl (who is about to be 1) is experiencing her first Christmas of many...2011 was filled with a few challenges and several blessings. This year God has given us a love that we could never have imagined, which makes God's love for His children much more real. Our Prayer for 2012 is that God will permeate through our family and enrich us spiritually. Life is busy and hectic and complicated. Hopefully we can all take time this Christmas to enjoy our family and friends....and remember it's not about the gifts or Santa. It's about love....the love we have for one another.....and the love that God has for us. So much that he sent his precious child to save us. 

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